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The kids only have a few more weeks of preschool left before Summer break. I’m not sure how well break will go over with them since they love to go to school every day as it is now! Preschool has already sent home quite a few activities that they can do over their break to get them ready for kindergarten, but the kids are already learning to use the computers at school and I wanted something they could do online to keep them in practice and learn to navigate the computer a little more while still learning the academic stuff. It seems crazy to me that in preschool they’re learning to use computers but I guess it’s something they really do need to know early on in this digital age. was kind enough to send us a free code in order to try out their products. I have been seeing a lot of commercials online for them and have been curious. We’ve been told that by the end of Kindergarten the kids need to be able to recognize numbers 1-30, be able to count up to twenty and tie their shoes.They’ve learned a lot at preschool but we are working with them at home because they do get their numbers mixed up sometimes and we help them with practicing their “L” sounds.


Thanks to for sending over those codes because this program does work. We’ve been working with the program for a few months now and I have to say I’m astonished. The kids have learned even more than most of their preschoolers simply because of this program. As of right now they can count to ten with no problem and they recognize 1-25 so we still have a ways to go but we also have all summer to continue with before Kindergarten starts.

They are also picking up on math. Before they didn’t seem to understand addition, but with the help of the program they are understanding much better and can tell you 1+1=2 or 5+5=10.  It’s very cool to watch them work with the program and see their minds thinking as they try to understand and comprehend it. We’ve hit a little on the reading part but plan to work with it more during the summer months.

The interface of is very colorful. The kids love all the interactions and being able to be in control themselves. They love the songs, puzzles and other games involved which is what keeps their interest but at the same time it’s really them learning. As a parent I also have access to their learning, I can see their progression and well they are doing or what we are having trouble with so we can practice a little more.

Last week we had a parent teacher conference and the teacher was very proud of the kids because they are doing so well. She kept saying how they knew their numbers up to 20 so well and gave us good praise. I did admit that we had help from and she was very interested in finding out more. So I gave her the website and they will be implementing it into their classroom next year. Another awesome thing about is that it is free to public schools which is very cool!



Disclosure: We receive a free code for the product in order to try The opinions expressed here are soley our own.
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