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8 Creative Things You Can Do With The Children’s Rooms When They’re All Grown Up

When children grow up and move out of the family home, it can be a difficult time for parents, leaving them feeling emotional and lost. However, a recent survey has revealed that 50% of parents ‘can’t wait’ for their children to fly the nest. One of the reasons is the extra space – perhaps a spare bedroom – they gain in their home, which they can redecorate and convert into whatever they wish!

If your child has recently moved out, don’t leave their childhood room to collect dust. Pack up the belongings they have left behind and simply search ‘self storage near me’ to find a place to store these items until they are needed. Once the room is empty, the only limitation is your imagination.

  1. Gym

If you have always fancied a home gym, now is the perfect time. Depending on your budget you could fill the space with anything from weights and mats to rowing machines and cross trainers! Not only will you be able to work out from the comfort of your own home, you will save on your monthly gym subscription as well!


Do you struggle to find a quiet space when you want to work from home? Well, not anymore! Simply add a desk and you will have your own office. You may find you want to work from home more often!

 ‘Man Cave’

Dads, if you manage to bag the room (or mums, if you want your husband out from under your feet!) how about turning it into man cave? An entertainment center, mini fridge and relaxing seating will provide the perfect space for Dad to chill.

 Dressing Room

Those clothes that were once spilling out of your wardrobe can now be organized into your very own walk-in closet! Complete with dressing table, mirrors and clothes rails, it will be the perfect place to get ready for a night out.

 Guest Room

No more offering your guests the sofa to sleep on, now you have a gorgeous guest room! Perfect for friends or family members, including your son or daughter when they visit!

 A Hobby Room

Take advantage of your spare time and spare room by taking up a hobby and dedicating the space to it. Whether you take up sewing, writing or painting, turn it into a space where your creativity can flow!

 A Games Room

Are you looking for something a bit more exciting out of your new room? How about a space where you can entertain friends? Think pool table, cocktail bar and jukebox!

  1. A Library

Transform your space into a library. Fill the walls with books and the floor with comfy seating, then enjoy the peace and tranquility as you get lost in a good book!

Even if your children haven’t moved out yet, you might well be encouraging them to do so, now you know what you could do with the extra room!



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