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6 Tips to Help Tell Your Child the Family is Moving

To a child, moving can mean relocating to a place far away from friends and family. If they’re school age, they may also worry about attending a new school and adjusting to a different set of teachers. One of the most critical tips to help guide your child through this process is to adopt a positive attitude. As your tone will set the mood for the upcoming change, you also want to be mindful of the following 6 tips.

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Be Honest

Balancing work and family life doesn’t come without certain issues, especially if you’re adding moving to an already full plate. Children are perceptive and may get a sense if the mood has suddenly changed within the household. To avoid animosity and mistrust, be honest and up front about the upcoming relocation. Whether the change is due to a new job, up sizing or for financial purposes, include them in the decision making process. Although you want to disclose the reasons behind your move, you don’t need to overshare information if there is drama associated with the address change.

Maintain Existing Relationships

When added to an already hectic life, transporting personal belongings to your next home can be stressful. Securing a moving services company to relocate you quickly and safely alleviates the anxiety that comes with your transport. Without this added burden, you’ll be able to focus on the wellness of your kids. If your child has difficulties understanding how they’re going to be able to maintain current relationships with family and friends, implement a plan. Show them how they can use the Internet to keep in close contact using Face time, Facebook, emails and texts to communicate. If they’re not old enough to master the technology, you can assist them through the process.

Select the Best Time

There’s a time and a place for everything. If you’ve made the decision to move, you’re going to want to decide when and where you can discuss the situation properly. Although you may think that going out to your child’s favorite restaurant will bring levity to the situation, prepare for hysterics. You don’t want to be out in public and have your kids become emotional in front of strangers. This type of discussion deserves a quiet place where you can chat freely and without interruption. Allow your child to ask as many questions as they deem necessary. Assuaging their fears will make for a more positive move.

Be Prepared With the Right Information

Your children are going to have a host of questions when you make the announcement that you’re moving. Over promising things that you’re unsure of could compromise the trust that your child has in you. Come to your meeting prepared with where you’re thinking of moving and an estimated date. If you already have a firm idea of where you’re relocating to, gather information about the schools, community and popular attractions.

Make Plans For Your Departure

During your talk, let your child know that they’ll have plenty of time to say goodbye. You can also include them in the departure plans by putting together a going away party. Picture books, videos and other mementoes can soften the sadness that comes with saying goodbye.

Give Your Child Space

Even if your child appears to be excited about the upcoming adventure, they’ll still need time to absorb the news of your move. A journal is an excellent place where your kids can write down their feelings either good or bad. With a promise that you’ll never read it, tell your child to voice how the impending move makes them feel. A school counselor or friend may also be able to help them through the transition.
Announcing that you’re leaving the home that your children have come to love can be tough. But including them in the decision making from the start allows them sufficient time to adjust to their new surroundings.


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