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6 Healthy Ways to Say Goodbye to the Past

There are times when we get caught up in the past and it feels like there’s no way out. Finding a way to leave everything behind feels impossible, even if we try and try again. Forgetting is difficult and sometimes the toughest battles take place within one selves. We all have past experiences that we are ashamed of, or we regret, or we simply just want to get over. But the mind works in a mysterious ways, and even when we set out to forget our past, it’s more likely to come back to haunt us. People make mistakes, feelings can get in the way, and sometimes things can be misunderstood.

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In the end we have to realize that the past is the past and our experiences make us stronger. We should not dwell on the past as we cannot change it—all we can do is move forward as best we can. Here’s a list of tips that can help you say goodbye to the past forever and become the person you’ve always wanted to be: stronger and more resilient than ever.

1.  Understand Why the Past Keeps Bothering You

The best way to put the past behind us is to simply understand what is still bothering you. Is it an unrequited love, an embarrassing moment from your last job, or a mistake that turned a friendship sour? Take the time to really dissect why it’s nagging at you. This doesn’t mean ruminating or over analyzing the event. The point of doing this is to figure out how best you can move forward from the past and become a better person.

2.  Don’t Neglect Negative Emotions

When your past continues to drag you down, a wave of negative emotions can follow. You have to remember that a person or event does not define who you are and what has happened is no longer relevant to the present, and definitely not to the future! When you hear negative thoughts creep in, try to remember to tell yourself these phrases: “I did the best I could when I …” or “I had much to learn even when I …” In doing this you will be accepting the past and moving forward.

3.  Give Your Body a Fresh Start

It’s no surprise why people change their look and appearance after going through a rough patch—changing some external features will make you feel like a new person, someone you’ve always wanted to be. Maybe you’ve always wanted to join a boxing class or wondered what you’d look like with a pixie cut. Now is the time to take risks! Giving your body a fresh start includes removing old ink that reminds you of times you’d rather forget. Tattoo fading creams like trufade or laser removal may be worth the time and money at this juncture. When we are consciously and deliberately investing in our outer appearance, the perception we have of ourselves improves as well. Visualize the person you want to become—it removes all thoughts of defeat!

4.  Forgiving Others—and Yourself

Forgiveness means a new beginning. But remember that it’s not just forgiving others, but also being able to forgive yourself. To make mistakes is totally human as nobody is perfect. Forgiving yourself is an important step towards attaining general self-acceptance. Sometimes people blame themselves for actions they may or may not have done, which makes it hard to look to the future.

5. Restore Your Focus

When you’re dwelling on past actions and experiences, it can make it difficult to focus on the present. Your thoughts being elsewhere brings difficulties to both your personal and professional life. Bringing yourself to the present can help push away and accept the past. Supplements like nootropics can also get back your concentration and focus in a natural way. Exercises like mindful meditation ten minutes a day and do wonders for your mental health and well-being. Small things like taking a few deep breaths every hour or enjoying all of your body’s sensations while eating lunch will help keep you in the present and away from the past.

6.  Learn to Grow With the Past Instead of Evading It

What is the point of hiding from the past? No matter how large the consequences may be, this should not stop you from becoming the person you are meant to be. While each past experience is different, there are ways to take control instead of pretending it never happened. We must approach our past with strength and know how to wear the outfit that makes us who we are.


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