Style & Beauty5 Ways to Rock this Season’s 'Haute Mess' Trend

5 Ways to Rock this Season’s ‘Haute Mess’ Trend

We all have that one friend who is the definition of a ‘hot mess’, a term that has been around for a long while now and defines a person who remains attractive but also looks a little disheveled.

However, the haute mess trend is a more polished version of this look. It’s still a girl who thinks combing her hair with her fingers and tidying up last night’s make up is fine but she takes care in curating a wardrobe that matches her whirlwind of a life, which has little time for manicures or lip liner.

The Guardian considers the trend an excuse for people to be scruffy but it is instead one that cobbles pieces together that shouldn’t work but do. Here are five ways you can achieve haute mess status this A/W season:

Haute MessImage Source: Flickr

An Oversized Coat

No haute mess would be without an over sized coat that one might find in the back of their grandparents’ wardrobe, still in a plastic wrap, that can be thrown over a pair of leather trousers, a man’s shirt (loosely buttoned and untucked) and chunky heeled boots. However, instead of raiding your Nan’s wardrobe take a look at these coats from Blue Vanilla or even your local charity shop. Look for one with a large collar, lapels and that is long in length.

Put Away the GHDs

Or at least use them sparingly. Those embracing the haute mess image never have polished locks, more like they just rolled out of bed, smoothed their hair down with their hand and left the house. Tame the ends and any pieces around the face but leave the rest to do its thing. You could even spritz it with some salt spray and scrunch the ends of your hair with your fingers.

Embrace the Fresh Face, But Keep the Eyeliner

It’s time to ditch the cover ups because haute mess girls simply do not have time to contour and highlight their faces each morning – a simple application of tinted moisturizer, plus some kohl eyeliner and mascara, will do. Occasionally a swipe of red lippie is applied and looks great with any outfit.

Layer up

Those embracing the haute mess look should try to layer up outfits that probably shouldn’t work together but look amazing. High-wasted Mom jeans and Converse with Nike sports socks, a slogan t-shirt and a check print shirt tied around the waist, finished off with the over sized jacket, might sound like a lot of effort – and require a lot of deodorant for when the sun comes out in the late afternoon – but the haute mess pulls on this type of ensemble every day.

She’s also a fan of the button down A-line skirt, cropped tee, denim waistcoat and hooded jacket tied round the waist, plus knee length boots. More is best when it comes to putting together a haute mess inspired outfit.

Don’t Swap Handbags

Those girls who have their lives totally together probably swap their handbags around for each outfit. Those embracing the haute mess trend will use one bag and one bag only for all events, be it work, Friday night drinks or shopping at the weekend. This could be a tiny satchel bag or a substantial rucksack – choose your bag wisely and wear it proudly with all outfit ensembles.


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