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5 Ways To Give Back + $100 Gift Card Giveaway #LiveOnGiveOn #BakkenInvitation

We are big fans of giving back to the community. We help throughout the year but for us there are two holidays that are extremely important to us; Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As parents, we feel it is important to install that giving back to the community is a good thing. I think everyone should help if they can whether it be by donating something or volunteering. 
Have you ever heard of The Bakken Invitation? This program celebrates and connects those who have overcome different health challenges with the help of medical technology who are now making a difference in their communities.

For me, these stories inspire me more to give back because even though I do have some health problems myself, I’m still fortunate and thankful for the things I do have. 

If you visit The Bakken Invitation website you can share your story with them & the world about how you are making a difference. For every story, $10 will be donated to Project HOPE. 

So I encourage you to head on over to The Bakken Inviation website to find out more about the program and share your story to help the cause.

5 Ways To Give Back To Your Community

Help Local Shelters

For Thanksgiving our local shelter does a big Thanksgiving Dinner. While we are not able to volunteer on the day they serve the food we always try and contribute by donating good items. At our local store you can buy a grocery bag for $4.99. This bag contains different dry foods for the holidays and the money goes towards families in need. We will usually pick up a few of those as donate them in addition to the money that goes towards the cause.

Spread the Holiday Joy

During the Christmas holiday we are big on helping kids who aren’t as fortunate and may not get a Christmas. Our community gathers up gift donations for those children and we always donate gifts to that cause. You don’t have to spend much, every little bit will help.

Help Keep Them Warm

Our local school gets involved as well and accepts gifts as well as hats, gloves and warm coats to give children who may not be able to afford those items for the winter.  Often times you can donate gently used items so if you buy a new coat or other winter essentials, save the old ones and donate those to someone who doesn’t have a warm coat or gloves to keep them warm.


This can be helpful any time throughout the year. There are often local events or causes you can help with. You might be able to provide transportation to someone who can’t drive, help pick up groceries for someone who isn’t able to get out or even offer to help your favorite cause.

Pets Need Love Too

I have a big heart for animals. I always have. Often times there are local shelters that you can donate food to or even volunteer at. You can even help by bringing in a few bags of pet food throughout the year, helping take in rescued animals, be a pet foster, help coordinate local pet adoption events or volunteering your time to help at the pet shelter itself. Most shelters welcome the extra help and you can contact one in your area to see what they need most.

A huge thank you to Medtronic for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to live on and give on.

$100 Gift Card Giveaway!

How do you help give back? Leave a comment letting us know what ways you give back to your community.

One lucky winner will receive a $100 gift card to use to help in their efforts to give back to their community.

If you are the winner you’re free to choose how the money is spent, but it should benefit the community in some way.


  1. I give back by donating to local charities and shelters. I donate a lot of clothing that we no longer need as well as health items like toothbrushes or razors.

  2. We often donate and help our local animals shelters too. Every year we help with the church during their holiday dinners they serve and we also collect toys for kids.

  3. This year I found a great organization that provides toys for kids with cancer (and their siblings!) that I felt really drawn to this year, so I had fun buying toys off of the kids wishlists to surprise them!

  4. I donate to the Food drive every year when my City has the big food drive. I buy a gift from the Tree of Sharing for a child in need. I take cookies and fudge to my Dad’s nursing home and spend time talking the the Elderly at the nursing home. I give to St. Margaret’s shelter for the homeless by donating items I collect all year long.

  5. We give back by adopting a family through the holiday season and also by managing a giving tree for the community. It is so rewarding.

  6. I donate food and money to my local food pantry or soup kitchen. I like the soup kitchen’s program in which $100 will feed everyone dinner for one night.

  7. All of these people are such an inspiration to me. This time of year, a lot of kids are taken care of with the Toys For Tots program. Children are so important to me, along with senior citizens. I would love to use this money to create care packages for people in my grandmother’s nursing home. A small card, treat, or little trinket would really brighten their day.

  8. We donate a lot of food and health related items quite often. I coupon/shop deals a lot so I often see items that I can get for free that I may not need but get them anyway and then donate. We also donate clothing too.

  9. I use coupons quite often, so I pick up items on the cheap while I am shopping, and make many donations to food pantry’s and womens shelters.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  10. Our family fosters pets from Homeward Bound, a local pet rescue. Currently we have 2 foster cats besides OUR 2 dogs and 4 cats! There’s a lot of love in this house. In the evening they congregate onto the couch because they know its TV/ family time and they get to cuddle. Down side? – all of that purring can put you to sleep really fast!

  11. I give back in our community by donating food and clothes. Especially in the winter, we like to gather coats to donate to those in need.

  12. I like to donate toys each year to toys for tots. I also help my chiropractor with his toy drive for Shriner’s hospital that he has each year. I get the word out and organize the toys for shipment.


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