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5 Unique DIY Gift Ideas for Mothers

As kids, we were never hesitant to give our mothers a handmade card or art project. No matter what the gift looked like, our mothers would gawk over it and make us feel like we were a brilliant and talented artist. Somewhere along the way, with the influence of materialism and our busy schedules, DIY gifts became few and far between. But every mother knows the best gifts are handmade with love (and paint and glitter). Tap back into your artistic self and channel your inner Picasso to give your mom a DIY gift from the heart.


Flowers & Vases

Every mother loves a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a great succulent for the patio. Spruce up the gift with a DIY vase or planter. The ideas and options are endless! You can decorate old wine bottles with glitter and paint for the sassy mother. Use acorns or pine cones to decorate a store-bought vase or planter for the outdoorsy mom. Or upcycle old yarn or paper and decorate a mason jar for the environmentally friendly mama. Once you’re done, fill it with a beautiful flower arrangement.

Spa Treatment

Give the mother in your life spa day treatment every day with DIY scrubs, bath bombs, lip balms and lotions. Making spa products at home is inexpensive and easy. Best of all, you’re in charge of the recipe you use, so the ingredients are natural (and only include ones you can actually pronounce). Put together a manicure kit for the mom who loves to get her nails done. Throw in a few nail polishes, nail art decoration and a file. Scrubs are a luxury normally reserved for the spa, but with homemade body scrubs you can exfoliate and moisturize anytime. Check out more handmade spa and bath gift ideas!

Recipes in a Jar

Mothers are so busy preparing breakfast, packing lunches and making dinner that treats often get placed on the back burner. Gift mom a recipe in a jar and allow them to indulge in dessert without the hassle and extra effort. Find your favorite cake, cookie or brownie recipe and print the recipe on a card or sticker to attach to the jar. Then layer all of the dry ingredients. This includes the flour, sugar, chocolate chips or nuts, salt, baking powder, etc. Mom can just add wet ingredients and bake when she’s ready to enjoy. Take a look at these mason jar recipes for inspiration.

A Sharpie Mug

Embellishing a white mug with a personal note, sketch or a favorite quote is a great DIY gift for mothers (and easy for new DIY-ers). Every time she sips her morning coffee or evening tea she’ll get a reminder of how much you care and appreciate her. All you need is a white mug, an oil-based sharpie or paint marker and an oven in which to bake your masterpiece. Decorate the mug with words, designs and drawings, let it dry overnight and then place it to bake in the oven for 30 minutes on 350°F. Find more tips and inspiration for your DIY sharpie mug here.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Remember those macaroni picture frames we would make for our mothers during grade school? They might not be age-appropriate gifts anymore, but photos are still (and always) a great go-to gift. Put a new twist on an old favorite with DIY coasters with photos of you and your mom from childhood to present day. Get creative with unique photo holders for your mother’s desk or nightstand. Or rely on an old classic and scrapbook your favorite mom moments.



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