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5 Tips to Selecting a Perfect Party Dress and Inspire the Audience

Everyone enjoys parties and loves dressing up for them. However, selecting the right party outfit leaves most of the women to scratch their heads.  Even though a wide range of party dresses are accessible at the retail and online stores, the unlimited party dress choices can confuse anyone. Luckily for you, we can assist in purchasing the best party dress. Consider the following top tips for your convenience:

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1.  Keep the Party Dress Code in Mind

Every party has a dress code and that makes the costume selection a bit easy. Your dress must be in line with the party’s theme. For instance, floor length gowns are well-suited to the formal events, whereas knee length dresses work well for casual parties. Cocktail parties give you the choice to wear anything from casual to semi-formal.

Three important factors that contribute to the formality of any dress are: fabric, color and the dress length.

  • Color

Color is a crucial factor to defining the formality of any occasion. Dark and solid colors are suitable for evening parties. You can dress up in prints for the casual ones. Neutral shades, such as, brown and grey can be worn at different occasions, while black dress is limited to the formal functions. Whether you are searching for printed clothes, black dresses or long gowns, do not forget to check out Momfuse clothing coupon codes.

  • Fabric

The fabric of your dress also plays a vital role in defining your personality for a particular event. Fabrics such as cotton are suited to casual parties, whereas silk, satin and glossy fabrics are perfect for semi-formal and full formal occasions.  Lastly, the look of a costume depends on its quality, so do not compromise on it and get yourself the best quality fabric.

2.  Select Dress Color According to Skin Tone

In addition to selecting color based on the party time and theme, you also need to focus on skin tone.  Red, yellow and brown are suited to women with warm undertones, whereas, those with cool undertone look good in blue, purple and green. People who fall under the neutral undertone category appear equally good in both types of colors.

3.  Wear Dress According to Your Body Shape

Consider your body shape as you go buying the right party wear.  There are five body shapes including pear, rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass and apple, which allow you to determine the right dress style for yourself.

  • Pear Shaped Body

People having narrow shoulders with wide hips are categorized under pear body shape. Choose an outfit which minimizes the attention toward bottom and focuses more on shoulders and neck. Clothes with square or boat necklines are well suited to pear shaped bodies. A-line dresses will also make you look equally gorgeous.

  • Rectangle Shaped Body

Women with equal sized shoulders, waist and hips come under rectangle body shape category. They need to picks outfits that provide curved appearance to their body. This makes scoop neckline dresses perfect for them.

A good bra support will further enhance the curves, but the quality of bra matters the most. I recommend for their luxury lingerie and bra items. The good news is, they are offering discount coupons and free shipping in April.

  • Inverted Triangle

Women having broad chest and shoulders with a narrow abdomen are categorized to have an inverted triangle body shape. They must wear dresses that can make their waist look balanced to shoulders and chest. Long printed skirts with bright colors are a good option for women with inverted triangle body shape.

  • Apple Shape

The apple shaped women have wide shoulders, torso and waistline with a narrower hip region.  Such women should wear outfits that can make their hips appear wider and torso longer. Choose solid colored, v-neck clothes over prints to achieve a stunningly gorgeous appearance. Enhance it further by wearing belts above the waistline.

  • Hourglass Shape

A proportionate body comes under hourglass figure. Women with this body shape can wear any outfit to look good. However, they are still required to find dresses that could fit their body style accordingly. Avoid wearing too tight or too loose clothes. Wrap, A-line and high waist styles are among good dress choices.

4.  Cost and Flexibility

Budget and versatility are two important factors to look for when buying a dress for any occasion. For example, a good black dress can be worn at multiple occasions. On the other hand, a bright color dress cannot be worn at different events, as people will identify it easily. Furthermore, neutral color dresses are a good option if you are on a budget; they not only look great, but can also be used at multiple events.

5.  Accessories

You can further enhance your look by wearing accessories such as earrings and makeup. Be clear about what you need to wear it with. A heavy dress does not need a lot of accessorizing.

It is always advisable to take out time in selecting a good party dress, keeping the budget, party theme, skin tone and body shape in mind instead of hastening your decision to get a bad feeling. A perfectly selected and accessorized dress will give you the dazzle you always longed for.


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