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5 Tips for Decorating A Studio or Small Apartment

Studio apartments and even small apartments can be very difficult to decorate since everything is basically all in one big room and needs to be used as a bedroom, a place to entertain, living quarters and more.

Here are 5 tips for decorating a studio apartment:

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1.  Invest In a Sofa Bed

Since studio apartments are typically just a one room deal you can’t go looking for bedroom furniture and living room furniture, you need to find something that will save space and can be used for dual purposes, like a sofa bed. Think of sofa beds as a multi functional piece of furniture that will not only serve as a sofa but also a bed. Having this two-in-one will save lots you lots of space to accommodate for other needs.

2.  Use Your Kitchen Walls

Kitchens are especially small in studio apartments and one thing that can help make this room a little more cozier, and stylish is to find simple ways to store your extra utensils or pots and pans on the wall. You can use a magnetic strip mounted to the wall for those pots and pans and stylish containers above cupboards to hold your smaller utensils.

3.  Get Serious about Organizing

When your space is limited you have to be serious about organizing. Get creative when it comes to storing items. Now a days you can find fun, colorful and stylish organizing solutions just about anywhere. Placing those stylish storage boxes under a table that sits against a wall can help in many ways and look good. Just be sure to coordinate them with your color scheme!

4.  Cover Up Boring Walls

Think big.. large artwork and accessories can trick the eye into making a space look larger than it really is. You can also get more creative and make your own wall coverings. Try using fabric to dress up a piece of cork board, decorating with ribbons and fun colors, and hanging pictures on it. Strategically place mirrors on the wall to bring in more light making the place look brighter and feel more roomy.

5.  Focus On the Details

Details make a statement and can bring a design together better than anything else. With your design use color accents on walls, when decorating tables, shelving and everything else. Place some bright accent pillows on your furniture to liven things up. You can layer rugs to bring in texture or help define a space.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money decorating a small apartment, but be sure to use cool colors as it can help make the place appear to be larger and don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to decorating or finding unique ways to help with storage. Color choices, accents and the layout of items can help your small space with the overall ambiance and mood it gives out.
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