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5 Outdoor Entertaining Tips For Summer

The decks are power-washed, gas grills are fueled up, and the warm weather is here to stay. All thats left is to invite over everyone you want to enjoy the heat with. Here are five tips for makings sure your outdoor hosting goes off without a hitch this summer.

1.) Weatherproof Your Decor

Even the most prepared hostess can get caught by unpredictable strong summer breezes or the rain shower that was most certainly not in the forecast. You should select decor such as table cloths and centerpieces that can not only stand to get wet, but are also heavy enough or weighted down enough to withstand a little wind.

By doing this you will ensure not only that nothing will be ruined should that phantom rain cloud pass over head, but also that your guests don’t have to scramble to help you get things inside or chase them across the yard.

2.) Create A Laid Back Dining Atmosphere

Summer is exceptionally crazy. Little league games go into extra innings, drives home from vacation take too long, and yard work sessions turn into marathons–everyone’s schedules become everything but dependable

As such, you should create an atmosphere where guests arriving at any time feel like they haven’t missed anything and aren’t being intrusive by being hungry. Keeping the grill running with grilling accessories on standby, buffet style dining, and spread out seating are all great ways to ensure that your hospitality is a constant in a season full of variables.

3.) Be Ready To Win The Bug Battle

Even if you plan to have things wrapping up before the bugs get too bad, you never know when an evening might turn into a night. Always be prepared to keep your guests comfortable if those buzzing pests try to join the party. Tiki torch perimeters, scattered mosquito repellant coils, and fogging the area ahead of time are all great options to keep your outdoor kitchen as bug-free as your indoor. It also never hurts to have a couple bottles of spray-on repellant on hand. Especially if they’re will be kids running around outside of your bug proof perimeter.

4.) Make Games Available, But Not Forced

Some people can’t be outside without playing some kind of game, whether it’s bean bag toss, horseshoes, or cards. Others want to socialize without competing. By having games set up where they can be seen and are clearly there to be used, but not making them the centerpieces of your layout, you will make both parties happy. Those who wish to play will find them, a those who don’t will not feel pressured.

5.) Give The Party Room To Grow

You’re so good at entertaining that your guests aren’t going to want to leave right after they’ve eaten and more will probably show up. Be prepared for this by having areas ready for the gathering to expand and flow.

For example, if the primary gathering area is the back patio but you also have a fire-pit nearby, have it ready with wood and chairs. Make sure that any area that can be utilized is ready for your guests to enjoy. The ebb and flow of a summer gathering can be unpredictable. Whether more people show up or the party just wants to migrate elsewhere you will be ready.

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