Lifestyle5 holiday essentials for the man in your life

5 holiday essentials for the man in your life

Is the man in your life leaving it all until the last minute when it comes to what to pack for your summer getaway? Do you find yourself browsing clothing sites for him, suggesting items and receiving nothing but shrugs and grunts? Well, if you’re going to be picking up most of the pieces he’ll be chucking into his case, then here are the five essentials to grab first:


  1. Long shorts

No Speedos should go in that case, no matter how much he protests. There was a shaky period in 2015 when people tried to encourage men to wear those package hugging crimes against fashion again, but thankfully no one heeded the advice. Pick the man in your life up a pair of flattering, well covering board shorts, so everyone feels comfortable.


  1. Portable charger

No doubt while you’re happy to simply lie in the sun for hours on end, your man will need some sort of entertainment in the form of a tablet or phone. This is why a portable charger is a holiday essential that needs to go in the case; he can keep it on hand by the pool if his battery starts to deplete after a marathon session on Candy Crush or watching numerous videos on YouTube.


  1. Smart, comfortable evening wear

When you’re not tucking into that evening buffet, you’ll be tucking into cocktails at the local bar, so it’s important your man is dressed for the occasion in something comfortable but relatively smart. Superdry’s men’s t shirts are a great option, they’re high quality and on-trend so he won’t grumble about wearing one with his favourite pair of cargo shorts for those warm nights relaxing.


  1. Flip flops

While frowned upon as general footwear in the UK – although there are still plenty of people who think it’s acceptable to wear them into the office or even drive in them – a comfy pair of flip flops are an essential for your man when it comes to your holiday abroad. Choose a high quality pair that work for both day and evening – avoid the Crocs.


  1. Sunglasses

It’s important your man’s eyes (and yours) are protected from the glare of the sun, so pick him up a pair of new Ray Bans at the airport as a special going away treat – there are some great deals in duty free – and then he can choose the pair that he thinks best suit him. There’s nothing worse than picking up some sunglasses and discovering you look absolutely ridiculous in them.


Alternatively, instead of choosing items of clothing for him like his mother once did, you could just kick him out the house and tell him he can’t come back in until he’s purchased enough holiday clothes for your getaway!

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