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5 Great TV Shows to Help Moms Keep Up with the Latest Fashions

No one dreams of being the mom with the frazzled hair and the 80s outfit gone wrong. There is something to be said for a mother, no matter how busy, finding the time to take care of herself. Don’t get me wrong. I am not trivializing the time and energy it takes to raise a pack of hyenas, formally known as children. I am a mother myself, and I put almost everything I had into raising my kids. I still took the time, the little I had left, to look my best. I guarantee you—it is not as hard as it looks.

The best result of being more fashion forward and applying it to your wardrobe—how you feel about yourself. These feelings may actually transfer to your approach to motherhood. You are no longer a martyr tending to your child’s every need, but a positive, confident woman who isn’t solely defined by her motherhood.

There are easy ways for a mom to spice her wardrobe once she acquaints herself with the latest trends and fashions. Here are five of my favorite shows, which help me keep in touch with the latest fashions. You can take high end fashion principles and apply them to cheaper, more affordable styles. Fashion is an art form, and you, a beautiful mother (of two, three, four, or even more), need to start expressing yourself!

The Rachel Zoe Project

DVR this show as soon as possible, it is one of my absolute favorites! Rachel Zoe, a prominent celebrity stylist in Los Angeles, shares her experiences while dressing Hollywood’s finest. She often gives viewers a peek of her own wardrobe and shares her latest shopping endeavors. The best part, she also provides great advice for those looking for vintage items, at a much cheaper price. Also, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the show, as you watch Rachel Zoe and her assistants complain about their terribly glamorous lives!

What Not to Wear

This show may be directly related to moms who have more than one monster in their respective closets (the monster being a terribly ugly, out of style dress or pair of jeans). The funny, quirky stylists show no sympathy towards their victims. They are honest and practical. They help their clients find outfits fitting their lifestyle and character, and often also take into account: you can be fashionable and comfortable—comfortable within reason, that is. Being a mom and being stylish don’t have to be mutually exclusive qualities!

Project Runway

This Bravo reality show will remind you: fashion is truly an art. Watch Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, and other fashion gurus judge and critique some of the best American up and coming designers. This show can be great for moms, as it shows that style is personal and a form of self-expression. You can stay in touch with trends and tweak them to your own liking.

The Real Housewives (Beverly Hills or New York)

Watch some of America’s richest moms and housewives strut their stuff in great metropolitan cities like Los Angeles or New York. Although most of us can’t afford anything they are wearing, we can still appreciate the fashion and latest styles most of these housewives dawn on a daily basis. Take one of the latest Versace suits Lisa Vandercamp wears to lunch, and find the best Macy’s or TJ Max equivalent. You don’t have to pay designer prices to look and feel fabulous!

The Fashion Show

We should all love Isaac Mizrahi for his attempt to make beautiful, sophisticated clothes affordable for the masses. His line, which is available at Target in addition to high end boutiques, has items appealing for a teen, a middle-aged mom, and even a grandmother! There really is something for everyone. His show The Fashion Show is similar to Project Runway, and it shows that designers and consumers (moms) can both make time for fashion, even in difficult circumstances.

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