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5 Good Reasons to Add an Island to your Kitchen

When you embark on your journey of remodeling your kitchen, you are faced with literally dozens of choices right off the bat. One of the most important is whether or not to include an island in your new kitchen. For some people who have never used a kitchen with an island, its purpose may not seem immediately clear. Plus, there is no denying the fact that it can add expense onto your renovation project, and that gives some people pause.

It is an important decision, no doubt, but very few people regret installing this versatile and extremely useful feature to their kitchens. Here are five good reasons that you might consider adding one to your own.


Additional Seating

Traditionally, a kitchen table seats four to six people. Add in a table leaf, and you might be able to extend that to eight or ten. Typically, that is more than enough – until Thanksgiving rolls around. One of the main reasons customers contact kitchen remodeling companies about adding in an island is to provide some extra seating.

Islands offer more of a “breakfast bar” seating option, which can be used casually, or for the aforementioned extra holiday guests. The island might become the ideal spot to serve after school snacks, or a quick breakfast before catching the school bus.

Additional Storage

If you are looking for clever kitchen cabinets ideas, don’t overlook the utility of an island. Typically, families can fit extra storage in one or both sides of the island, depending on its size. Either way, there’s hardly a kitchen in the world that couldn’t do with a few extra cabinets, and an island is an excellent way to add those in.

The island can become the ideal storage space for items that you don’t need to access as frequently. That Belgian waffle iron and fondue pot can probably be stored off to the side, leaving more room for the things you need every day in your main cabinets.

Extra Counter Space

Preparing meals for a family can be quite a production. So many families try to juggle pots, pans, and plates among a small area of counter top – not always with great results. Counter tops tend to run along your kitchen wall, and if you simply don’t have a lot of wall to work with, you don’t have a lot of counter space either.

This is a problem that can be solved beautifully by adding an island to your kitchen. How does an extra four or five feet of uninterrupted counter space sound? Certainly you could make good use of the staging area for baking projects, or some room for a second chef. Speaking of which, if there is a significant height difference between two people using the same kitchen, installing an island at a different counter height can mean all the difference between a comfortable cooking set up, and a miserable one.

Creativity and Versatility

A kitchen island can add a lot of character and design interest to any kitchen. You could add in a second sink, a butcher’s block, or even blend it right into your kitchen table. There is a lot of freedom with islands, more so than other kitchen elements.

Some home owners worry that an island will take up too much floor space in the kitchen, in which case you should ask your contractor about a movable or rolling island. It can come out when it is needed, and be rolled aside when it’s not.

Add a Gourmet Flair

A cramped kitchen can limit your ability to create complicated or experimental dishes. An island might allow for the extra space and utility that you need to add a special gourmet flair to your kitchen.

An island may be just the thing to complete your kitchen renovation project. Talk to your contractor about the many island options available, and pick one that will be perfect for your home.


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