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5 Fabulous iPhone Apps Every Busy Mom Must Have

It will be said time and time again, but it will never rightly express just how true it is: mothers have an extremely difficult job. With days packed full of tantrums and blowouts, unwanted meals and grumpy naptimes, moms rarely get to stop and take a breath. While it’s a job full of joy, excitement, and love, it is nonetheless exhausting. Thankfully, with new mobile technologies comes new methods for entertaining your kids, saving money shopping for your kids, cooking for your kids, and much more. These five must-have iPhone apps are essential for the busy, on-the-go mom.

1. aSleep KidsThis application is perfect for when naptime rolls around and your little one doesn’t want to rest quite yet. With a timer and a selection of 15 different lullabies, aSleep Kids can help lull your child to sleep. Also, if the music options available for this app are just a little too stimulating for your little one, you can download a white noise application by the same company. This app provides an ambient noise that is constant and can help soothe your child into slumber. With adjustable volume and brightness, this application is great for moms hoping to get some tasks done during junior’s naptime (or maybe get some shut eye yourself).

2. Scribble Lite: This application is great for entertaining your kid during a longer car ride or while sitting in a quiet waiting room. Toddlers can stay busy by using their fingers to draw directly on the screen of your iPhone. Shake the phone to erase the image and start all over again. As the modern day etch-a-sketch, this application takes a classic idea and makes it extremely portable and effective. Kids will love playing with mommy’s phone and have a blast using different colors and movements to create beautiful images.

3. Coupon Sherpa: As we all know, being a parent is expensive. Kids cost money. The Coupon Sherpa app can help parents (or anyone) really save some money on their daily expenses. Coupon Sherpa offers hundreds of in-store coupons that you can present directly on your phone to the merchant to scan. This app also provides coupons exclusive its users only. Use this app to save money on clothing, shoes, restaurants, electronics, travel, jewelry, sporting goods, books, groceries, and much more.

4. Voice Toddler Cards: This application is both a fun and educational activity for you and your kids to play together. Designed for kids ages one to five, this app will entertain your toddler with also familiarizing them with shapes, numbers, colors, animals, food, the alphabet, and several other everyday things. This application allows your child to completely control the activity at hand. Just by swiping to the left or right, your kid can get to the next card. The cards depict a common object, have the name of that object written out, and say that object’s name out loud. This way kids can learn to say the word as they are also associating the typed word with the object that they see on the screen.

5. Mobicip Safe Browser: This application is a must have for any parent. Providing a great way for you to monitor and restrict what your children are allowed to access on your phone’s internet, this application can be great for slightly older children. Mobicip offers different levels of restriction based on your child’s school age. The Elementary School level is the most restrictive and the High School level is the least. This gives parents peace of mind when they let their children use their phone’s internet that they won’t stumble on something inappropriate or dangerous.

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