Parenting5 Creative Ways to Spoil Your Kids Every Once in a While

5 Creative Ways to Spoil Your Kids Every Once in a While

Though it may not be recommended to spoil your children on the regular, there’s nothing wrong with surprising them with something big every once in a while. Sometimes your kids might deserve something special! A reward for a good year of schoolwork, or for helping you around the home for a long period of time may be in order on occasion. Though you may not want to shower your children with gigantic gifts around the clock, giving them something bigger every now and then might just bring a bit of joy to the whole family, as well as teach your child how to be appreciative of these rare, big gifts.

But are you a little stuck as to what big thing you could do for your children?  Here are some ideas for you to try out:

A Bounce House

This might be a perfect thing to entertain your children and their friends when they come over to hang out.  Commercial bounce houses are for sale, and while they may be a little on the expensive side, they do have a three year warranty attached to them (and a 30-day money back guarantee), and if they’re taken care of, they can be used for various parties you may have at your home for a good, long time. Besides, getting the right bounce house or inflatable slides maybe could be good, wholesome fun for the whole family, not just your children. I’ve seen teenagers use bounce houses. They’re a pretty great way for timeless fun.

Take a Camping Trip

It’s not Disney World, or an amusement park, but it is a fun experience for your children. Taking them out into nature, whether you have an RV, or you’re roughing it with tents and hunting, may be a great way to get your children in touch with the nature around them, and to give them a wonder experience they may not have ever taken themselves as adults.

Not only that, but it can be a great learning experience. You’re somewhat spoiling your children as well as educating them at the same time! It’s a win/win. From survival skills (maybe not rough-and-tough Bear Grills kind of survival skills for the young ones), to facts and science about the nature around them that they can take back to the classroom when the school years starts back up. It’s a perfect opportunity to teach and bond with your children.

Buying Them Flowers

Flowers aren’t just a romantic gesture. When I was a child, I had African Violets in my room all the time. I learned how to take care of them, how to keep them alive, and I felt really special when my parents brought them home for me in the first place. It’s a cheap way to make your kids feel special, but in my experience, it was a great way to make me feel like I was loved. I definitely felt a little spoiled with just those flowers, rather than getting some kind of game console. Plus, again, I was able to learn something from having those flowers in my room.

Movie Night at Home

You don’t need to go out to the theater to spoil your kids this way. It’s much cheaper to watch a film at home, and it gives your kids the option to be as cozy as they want. You can give them the chocolate or candy that they would like (and maybe rarely have), lots of popcorn, and get them hyped up without having to take them out. It’s a better way, in my experience, to do this than heading to the cinema where you guys can’t talk about the movie, where it’s incredibly expensive, and where the seating just usually isn’t that comfortable. And if you purchase the movie, your kids can then watch it whenever they would like to, rather than having to wait for the movie to come out on DVD after watching it in theaters.

Just a Party

It doesn’t have to be the holidays for you to celebrate. You can have an end-of-the-school-year party, or a seasonal party that has nothing to do with any holiday, and can be a big surprise for your children and for their friends.


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