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4 Ways to Get Children Physically Involved Outdoors

The beautiful sunny weather has arrived, for the most part, here in the Midwest which means it’s time to get those children away from the television and outside! My fondest memories as a child mostly consist of running around in our yard and using out imaginations to create up some elaborate game or make-believe scenarios.

4 Ways to get your children outside:

Let’s get those children off the couch and outside to enjoy the beautiful weather while having fun!

Take A Hike!

Literally.. take a hike! There are plenty of parks out there that include hiking or walking trails. On a beautiful sunny day get the whole family to pack a light lunch and get out there and talk a trail through the woods or your local park! Our family will be doing this often this summer! Luckily we live right down the road from a park that does include a trail. There is a small patch of woods along the trail so it will be fun to enjoy the family time and watch the children explore the great outdoors!

Be A Kid Again Yourself!

Don’t just tell your kids to go outside and play.. set a good example and go outside with them and act like a kid again! Oh sure, it sounds crazy but you’ll have a blast! Challenge your young one to a game of basketball or soccer or see who can last the longest in a jump roping contest! Chase those butterflies and catch those firefly’s again like you did when you were younger! When your children see that you enjoy doing things and are having fun they’re sure to join in and get active themselves.

Get Them In The Water

Most kids love water and they love to swim. Use that to your advantage and get them to your local pool or to have a pool party at your own house. Today they make all kinds of water toys your children can enjoy so bust out those squirt guns and water balloons! Not only will they be active but they’ll have a blast!

Get Earth Friendly

Face it.. kids will always get dirty.. but this isn’t a bad thing! Help your children not only play in the dirt but also to learn about new things like gardening by building a small garden in your back yard or help make the world a better place and get your hands dirty by planting new trees around your community.


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