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4 Things Your Family Could Do in Lieu of Overpaying for Insurance

There is nothing more frustrating then working hard to earn the money you deserve only to see it spent on bills instead of your family. If you start to compare auto, home, life, health, or any other insurance plans to see if there are cheaper ones out there that still provide the coverage you need, you’re most likely going to find some that are less expensive. If that is the case, here are some things you can do with the extra money you’ll be saving.

1. Take a vacation.

You may not have been able to afford one previously, but now that you’ve saved money on at least one (if not all) of your auto insurance plans, you can afford to get away. Start planning your vacation now, since you’ll already have a good idea of how much you’ll be able to spend. This way you can look for the best travel deals and make reservations early, while prices are still low.

2. Purchase season passes to a local museum, recreation center, or attraction in or near your hometown.

Season passes allow you unlimited visits to whichever venue you choose. This can be especially fun if you have small children and the venue offers a lot of “kid-friendly” activities. And the best part of it is this is something you can start doing right away.

Oftentimes, when you purchase season passes, you also have certain privileges that other one-time visitors don’t. For example, you may be allowed into the attraction at an earlier hour than everyone else. You may also qualify for discounts for food or souvenirs bought at the attraction, and many of the activities which would normally require a small fee may be free.

3. Give the money you save on insurance to your favorite charity.

You may have wanted to do this for a while, or you may have had to stop donating. Now that you have extra money coming in, it’s possible to do this. One way you can do this is by increasing the amount you give each week or month to your religious organization and designating the extra amount to the particular outreach program (such as a rescue mission or similar organization) that your church or denomination supports. Or you can make the donation yourself.

Purchase trees to plant where needed or give money to Arbor Day Foundation or other organization that participates in reclamation and reforestation programs. If you aren’t sure exactly what type of tree to buy, or if you want to see the money used in your state or region, then giving the money and stating your preference is probably the best option.

4. Buy something the whole family can enjoy like a home theater, pool table, or similar item.

Not only will this give your family something new, but it will provide a means of spending more time together. Of course, you could always do something practical like increase your savings, start a college fund for your children, or even get extra coverage on your insurance plans.


No matter how you decide to use the extra money, whether you save it or splurge on something, no one is going to say no to having more money for the same coverage. Look into updating your insurance today!


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