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4 Pregnancy Must Haves Optimum Comfort and Support

When I was pregnant with my firstborn some years ago, I remember experiencing all the changes my body went through… you know, the growing breasts, belly, and feet, and the discomfort you sometimes experience as a result of an expanding body. I probably drove my doctor crazy. For every ache and pain I felt, I would contact the doctor’s office, looking for answers. Every single call I made was followed by the reassurance from my doctor that these things were all normal, and part of the changes of pregnancy.

So I finally stopped nagging my doctor every chance I got, but that still left me wondering how to find all­day comfort for my body? Simply knowing that it was a natural occurrence didn’t make it any easier to deal with.

Then a good friend of mine who was also pregnant with her first child provided me with a list of products on the market that could help to provide the support and comfort I needed to get through the day. Her advice was most certainly a godsend, and I was able to make it through my pregnancy with far fewer aches and pains. Below are a few products on the market to provide expectant mothers with more comfort and support:

1. Shapers or Pregnancy Spanx

Belly shapers and/or pregnancy spanx offer great support around the belly. This is particularly a good product to consider during your second and third trimesters where your belly is growing the most. They can be found in several different colors and are worn just like traditional spanx. While they help to hold everything in place, they do not apply pressure around the belly area so you and baby are safe. These shapers and spanx are also great for the weeks following pregnancy as they can help hold everything in during those weeks you’re nursing and unable to exercise.

2. Waistband Extenders

Once you reach a certain stage in your pregnancy pants seem to be one of the most cumbersome things to put on. Wearing the waistline under the belly often leaves marks on the stomach and can feel downright uncomfortable. Just the same, the waistline on your pants is too small to fit over your growing stomach. While you could just as easily keep purchasing larger pants or maternity pants, this can often be very costly. Waistband extenders on the other hand provide a comfortable and affordable option for expectant mothers. Shaped like an elastic belt, the waistband extender simply attaches to your button and or belt loops. The elastic is extremely comfortable and allows for your belly to grow with additional support.

3. Compression Leggings

Since I liked wearing tunics and dresses during the warmer seasons, my friend also recommended compression leggings for pregnancy. Compression leggings and other compression products work to improve blood circulation. They also relieve a great deal of pressure that you’re used to feeling around your ankles and instead provides a more distributed amount of pressure. These leggings also have a support top, which gives additional comfort to your stomach region. They come in various colors to match your cute maternity outfits.

4. Bra Extenders

Another problem area when it comes to the “expanding body” during pregnancy is the breasts. Trying to fit your often sore, and growing breast into your bras can become increasingly challenging with time. Yes, there are certainly maternity bras on the market that can add some comfort and support to the breasts, but again, as your breast are constantly growing, so will the need to buy new bras which can be expensive. Bra extenders on the other hand allow you to keep your old bras and simply extend the width to a more comfortable level to offer the right amount of support.

These four products can work wonders towards helping expectant mothers cope with their growing bodies. They provide comfort and support in all the right places without the inconvenience of high costs. It is also nice to point out that you don’t have to compromise your maternity style as all of these products come in varying colors that either blend in (nude colors to match your stomach) or stand out (like turquoise leggings).

Hopefully, investing in some of these products will help you to save money, and feel more comfortable as your body prepares for pregnancy and the bundle of joy you’re carrying.


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