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4 Home Improvements To Help Baby Breathe Better

Are you bringing a new baby home soon? There are all sorts of things you should do to get ready. Besides adding safety locks to all of your cabinets and decorating a nursery, you should also try to improve the air quality in your home so that your baby can rest better and have the energy to grow and thrive. We’ve compiled a list of four home improvement projects to help make this happen.

Buy a New Furnace or AC Unit


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If your furnace or AC unit is more than ten years old, it’s probably not helping the air quality in your home. Look into buying new heating and cooling systems before bringing baby home. You’ll enjoy better air quality and a cheaper monthly energy bill, too. If you don’t have money for a new heating and cooling system, at the very least you should make it a point to change the air filter in your home once a month. This will keep the air in your home more fresh and clean.

Install an Air Purifier

One of the best ways to improve the air quality in your home and help baby breathe better is by installing an air purifier. There are lots of different options that range from whole-home units to smaller devices that purify the air in one room or centralized location. Air purifiers remove toxins and pollutants from the air to help baby’s lungs. The American Lung Association recommends getting an air purifier for babies and anyone that has a respiratory issue, such as asthma. This is often a home improvement project you can do yourself.

Get a Home Humidifier

A home humidifier can also making breathing easier for baby because it adds moisture to the air. This prevents dry skin, coughing, cracked lips, irritated throats, and other respiratory and breathing issues. You can find home humidifier systems that attach directly to your central heating and cooling system. You can also get a wall unit to be put directly in baby’s bedroom for localized air moisture. This is a great solution for people who live in warm and dry places.

Add More Greenery Around Your Home

Another way to improve the air quality in your home is with greenery. Plants help cycle carbon monoxide out of your home and replace it with fresh oxygen. Plus, there’s the added benefit that they look good, too. You can create permanent green spaces in your home to help baby easier by adding planter boxes and terrariums. The best ones even water themselves.

These are just a few ideas for home improvement projects to help baby breathe better. Of course, you’ll also want to keep your home clean by dusting frequently to reduce pollutants in the air. It also helps to have essential oils or fragrances on hand to refresh the air in your home often. Just make sure to get some that are cleared by baby’s doctor first. Enjoy your journey to parenthood by prepping your home.
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