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4 ‘I’m Just Starting Out’ Tips For Becoming A Successful Mommy Blogger

As mother’s address the topic of motherhood in blogs, or mommy blogging, it may seem daunting to consider how to successfully become involved in a branch of the blogosphere that has seen a considerable rise in the last few years. Luckily, we have some great tips for becoming a successful mommy blogger.

It is estimated that one-third of all US mothers blog weekly – 26 million worldwide, which is a considerable number of competition for a first-time blogger. Some things to consider when starting a blog are topics, interactive, and marketing.

Ninety percent of mothers have watched a video this week and are exposed to at least 75 minutes of media while in the car daily, according to BSM Media Research. Mothers, in the U.S. specifically, have the advantage of more exposure to media, therefore a greater knowledge of successful media messages. This knowledge also makes mothers able to communicate from multiple media channels, from blog to video, effectively.

4 ‘I’m Just Starting Out’ Tips For Becoming A Successful Mommy Blogger

Here are a few tips to help foster the success of a blog and also develop a relationship with readers.

You’ll also want to be sure to check  out some resources we have gathered – these are blog resources we use here at Mom Fuse.

The theme is clearly connected with motherhood, but the topics underlying this theme are endless. The choice could be to write about the aspects of life important to mothers, such as find time for oneself, or cooking tips. Whichever topics are chosen should have a rhythm within a blog. Also, make sure to check for grammar and spelling errors. Sloppy writing is distracting for readers and will foster comments that are not conducive to a meaningful blog conversation.

Join a blogger’s forum, directory, and possibly a social networking site. Having a presence on these sites means free advertising and links to your blog. The social networking sites allow for the blogger to control content on a site outside of the blog, and also to create relationships with future readers. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of a search optimization tool to increase the chance of a higher ranking in search engines such as Yahoo and Google.
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Visit other blogs with a motherhood theme. By making connections this allows you to have a chance for collaboration, which would result in your link on another blog of similar subject matter. While visiting other blogs make your presence known. Leave thoughtful comments that expand on the fellow blogger’s topic and encourage conversation. Commenting is a useful tool in building relationships with other bloggers because they tend to return the favor, and also gives you a chance to place a link and your blog’s information alongside a comment.

Free blog building sites now have more options to include video and audio within a blog. It is a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to set you blog apart from the rest by making your blog a multimedia experience. Multimedia can strengthen the impact of a particular blog topic and can also act as entertainment for your readers.

As a form of expression, blogs allow the exchange of ideas by fostering an atmosphere for like-minded individuals. Creating a blog can be a form of mental stimulation and also an emotional outlet. As the creator you have control over how private the posting should be or the exposure. Either way, blogging is a personal experience that should be enjoyed to its full extent, and it can also be something fun to do as a family or with your kids.


Hopefully these tips for becoming a successful mommy blogger can push you in the right direction of success. We are always happy to hear your thoughts as well. Do you have any tips for new bloggers?


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