Lifestyle3 Wedding Planning Tips for Moms

3 Wedding Planning Tips for Moms

You’re officially engaged and now it’s time to start planning the wedding. But before you start getting carried away with the details you’ll definitely want to sit down with your significant other and discuss a few details, once those are worked out you can get to the nitty gritty, like the color of the wedding napkins.

Hence, planning a wedding is a huge task for every mom because many arrangements are required to make a perfect day, and arranging a perfect photographer is also a big issue. Still, photography studio brooklyn could be recognized as the best solution for your problem due to their professional work at affordable rates.

1. Finances

You’ll certainly want to hash out any finance details before you get started. You will want to discuss how you will share your money. Will you keep separate checking accounts or will with you merge into one checking account. There are pros and cons to both but you will want to both be happy with your choice.

Secondly comes the budget for the wedding. You will both need to sit down and figure a budget for the wedding so you know exactly how much you can afford to spend that won’t cramp your style. You won’t want to spend $500 onwedding wreaths or flowers if your budget only allows for a $1,000 wedding. Setting a budget will also allow you to see if you can afford a wedding designer or if it will be more of a DIY wedding.

2. What kind of wedding do you want?

That’s a very important question because it determines most of the details. Do you want a beach wedding, a small close family wedding or something more like an big extravagant wedding. Once you choose on the type of wedding you’d like to have you can then begin talking about setting a date, finding the perfect location, guest list, wedding colors, etc.

Here again you will want to stick with your budget and discuss the details with your significant other to be sure you are both happy with the selections. If you want a small family wedding, the guest list and venue will be the more important things. You’ll want it to be a smaller venue so it’s more of an intimate setting. If you’re going for a large wedding you’ll need to find a venue that’s big enough to accommodate your guest list.

3. The Perfect Dress

All dresses are not created equal, so you will have to do lots of dress shopping. You will want to bring a close friend or family member when you try on each dress you like that way you can get on honest opinion and it’ll be good to have someone there for support.

Be on the hunt for wedding dress deals at your local shops. If you can get the dress you want for a smaller price or one that is under your allowed dress budget that’s awesome and will give you more room to spend for other things if needed. Be prepared for dress fittings and give yourself enough time before the wedding in case you have to do any alterations to the dress.

So those are just a few of the things you will want to think about when it comes to planning a wedding. There are more things but these will get you started. I find it good to make lists, so if you’re like me, keep a list of all the important details, dates, ideas, etc. Always do your research and never be afraid to shop smart.
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