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3 Signs it’s Time to Visit the Dentist

Some people hate going to the dentist, and they wait until they have pain before they let a dentist near their mouth. Sadly, by the time there is pain, serious damage has likely already occurred. It is much better to see the dentist before you feel pain. Routine care, such as cleanings are not painful, especially with some of the new technologies out there. Ultrasound cleaning doesn’t involve sharp tools just noise.

Sensitivity to Hot and Cold


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Your mouth, tongue, and teeth are tools that work best when cared for properly. If you don’t have regular cleaning and procedures for preventive care for your teeth, little holes will wear through the enamel causing sensitivity to hot and cold food, drinks, or air. When that happens, you feel a sharp, burning sensation. Regular cleanings of your teeth can prevent hot and cold sensitivity. Most dental insurance provides no-cost cleaning and discount dental plans, like those offered by Reassurance Dental, are not only affordable, but they knock a lot of money off the cost of regular dental procedures.


There is no arguing with pain, especially tooth pain. Even the thought of tooth pain is disabling. If you have pain in your mouth, it is not only time to visit the dentist—it is past time to visit the dentist. Pain ranges from mild to severe. As such, when you first begin to feel a twinge of pain you need to go see your dentist. Pain in your mouth is not always about teeth problems. Sometimes it is other things, such as TMJ.

TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, pain involves one or both of the joints that hold your lower jaw onto your face. Problems with these joints seldom go away by themselves, and they often get worse. The takeaway here is that pain may not involve your teeth, but something even more serious.

Growths or Bumps on Your Tongue, Palate, or Gums

Growths or bumps in your mouth are serious. Sure, sometimes we bite our cheek or tongue and that produces a bump or sore. Those go away in a few days. Any sore or bump that lasts more than a week is something that your dentist needs to see. Over 45,000 people receive an oral cancer diagnosis each year. So be proactive in seeking an opinion when you have a bump or sore in your mouth.

Regular visits to your dentist are important. During routine cleanings and visits, your dentist is evaluating your mouth for signs of trouble. People who have oral cancer have the best opportunity to win this battle when cancer detection is early.

Preventive care is a critical aspect of long-term dental health. If cost is a reason that you don’t go see your dentist, use an alternative dental plan. If you are afraid of pain when you go to the dentist, talk to your dentist about alternative methods of pain control such as sedation. There is a way for your to have the best smile possible, but that journey starts with you and your dentist.
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