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25 Chore Ideas For 7 Year Olds

We’ve come up with 25 Chore Ideas For 7 Year Olds! I can’t believe kids grow so fast. We have had chore lists since the kids were old enough to start learning responsibility. Now that they are 7, we’ve had to change up the chore list a bit.

When it comes to chores you have to remember that every child matures differently so you may have to decide if the chore is appropriate for each child.

Chore Ideas For 7 Year Olds

Chore Tips:

  • Praise Praise Praise! This is the best thing for the kids and it will encourage them. They want to know they are doing the right thing. You should praise when the child starts the chore, during the chore and after the chore.
  • Remember, it’s not going to be perfect. No one in this world is perfect and as the child learns to do the chore you can show them how to do it.. just don’t jump in and do it for them while they are trying, it will only undermine everything.

Vinegar is an amazing natural cleaner and safer than traditional chemical cleaners for children to use.

25 Chore Ideas For 7 Year Olds

1. Water Plants – Kids can use a small watering can or even a plastic pitcher to water the plants around the house. As they water they can also take pride in knowing that these plants are growing because they are helping take care of them.

2. Clean Bathroom – At 7 kids can clean up the bathroom sink, clean the toilet and sweep the bathroom floor. You can get a non-toxic cleaner or use cleaning wipes for them to use.You’ll probably have to clean any mirrors though.

3. Load Dishwasher – This is something my 7 year old loves to do. For rinsing the dishes kids can stand on a stool. I usually take all sharp knives and heavy items out and do this myself. Teaching kids how to load a dishwasher correctly can also teach them a little organization skills.

4. Collect Trash – I will have my kids go through the bathrooms and take the trash out of the waste baskets, they can also replace it with another trash bag inside the waste basket.

5. Match Socks – A tedious chore for most parents but this can definitely help teach kids patience and will help their matching skills.

6. Straighten Their Room – At this age kids should be putting their own toys away and picking up their room.

7. Put Clothes Away – Along with straightening their room kids can put their own clothes away in the correct places or drawers.

8. Dust – Usually by 5 or 6 kids are able to lightly dust. I wouldn’t let them worry about the breakable stuff but they can do the tables and other things.

9. Get the Mail – They can go outside and get the mail and even sort it for you.

10. Clean Toilets – My 7 year olds have just recently wanted to learn how to clean the toilets. You can have them wear gloves for safety and they also make non-harmful cleaning solutions you can get.

11. Sweep or Vacuum – Let the kids vacuum if the vacuum sweeper isn’t too heavy. They can also sweep non-carpeted floors with a broom or Swiffer.

12. Meal Prep – Kids can do safe things to help with the meals. For instance they can wash produce, help gather ingredients and maybe some simple cutting with supervision.

13. Feed Pets – Your child can easily feed the household pet.

14. Rake The Leaves – When I was young one of my favorite things to do as a child would be to rake leaves. I know.. strange huh? But I raked all the leaves together and jumped in the pile having lots of fun before I put them into trash bags.

15. Set Table – Let the kids set the table each night for dinner.

16. Clean Windows – Use non-harmful cleaning products to let kids clean the windows.

17. Wipe Baseboards – With just a little bit of soap and water kids can wipe down the baseboards.

18. Clear The Table – Along with setting the table each night they can also clear the table and put the dishes in the sink.

19. Take Sheets off Bed – When it’s laundry day or the sheets need cleaned you can have them take the sheets off the bed.

20. Stock Toilet Paper – Have your child restock the toilet paper in each bathroom.

21. Wash Windows – Use a non-toxic cleaning solution and let the kids wash the insides of the windows throughout the house.

22. Tidy Up Books or DVDs – My daughter loves to organize so she always volunteers to have this added to her chore list.

23. Disinfect Surfaces – Let the kids wipe down door handles and door knobs.

24. Clean the Shower/Tub – This may be pushing it just a little but the kids can help you clean the shower or tub.. just make sure to assist them!

25. Weed Flowers – Let the kids help weed the flowers or garden.

Remember, these are just a few ideas for chores. You know your child and what he or she can do. Be sure not to give them a huge long list of chores, it will only discourage them. Rewards are also a must – be sure to encourage them and tell them what a good job they are doing or have done.


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