Lifestyle2010 Mothers Day Gift Guide: Books To Inspire, Empower & Make You...

2010 Mothers Day Gift Guide: Books To Inspire, Empower & Make You Laugh


If Women Ran the World, Sh*t Would Get Done

If Women Ran the World, Sh*t Would Get Done is the book that celebrates all the wonderful, amazing, stupendous, inspiring, butt-kicking things women do. The book is divided into five sections: Doing for Our Families, Doing for Our Friends, Doing for Our Jobs, Doing for the World, and Doing for Ourselves. Each section includes Real-Life Stories, lists of things women do (for example, 25 Things Women Do for Their Families Between 7:55 and 8:00 a.m.!), Butt-Kicking Inspirations, thought-provoking What If’s, and space for readers to write their own amazing, world-running lists. If Women Ran the World, Sh*t Would Get Done is an invitation for women to stand up, pat ourselves on the back, crack open a pint of chocolate peanut butter ice cream (or just a pint), and celebrate us!

Better Because of You

This book shows you how to make life just a little bit better in all 7 facets of your life. Read true-to-life, inspirational stories that can help you do small things each day to make a big difference in these 7 areas: Health – Wealth – Wisdom – Work – Play – Others – Service.  Authors Ginny and Cathy are successful Fortune 100 executives who wanted to make a positive difference in the world. Simply revealed are their 3 core beliefs based on the valuable (and humorous) lessons they learned in the corporate world, decades of marriage and raising children. This book is essential reading for anyone looking for simple insights on leading a happier life. This book shows you how you, as one individual, can be an irresistible force for positive change. A portion of proceeds support Room to Read, a non-profit leader educating children in developing countries.

When Did I Get Like This?

When Did I Get Like This? is the hilarious story of one mother’s struggle to shrug off the ridiculous standards of modern parenting, and remember how to enjoy her children. What kind of mother feeds her kids dinosaur chicken nuggets? Three times a week? What kind of mother lets handwashing after using the toilet slide, as long as it was just Number One? And then I wonder: when did I get like this? Why do I doubt my parenting abilities day after day? Why does motherhood, a quotidian job as old as Eve, have me teetering daily on the edge of insanity?

With each new stage of motherhood, I tell myself I will never again be suckered by the question, “Don’t you want what’s best for your children?” And yet, time after time, I am. Sometimes I am right to obsess. Other times, the record will show, it has been distinctly counterproductive. Over the last seven years of long days with little children, I have certainly had many moments of joy, calm, and peaceful reverie. This book is about the other moments.

My Husband Ran Off with the Nanny and God Do I Miss Her

Carly Macalister believes her life is under control. She may not be the typical housewife, but she has a thriving though turbulent career, has welcomed a young lush French nanny who brings organization to her household, has two adoring but very aware young children, has parents who many not understand her but do adore her and has a couple of close friends who constantly weave in and out of her daily episodes. When Carly’s midlife crisis of a husband decides he is perfectly comfortable pursuing other things—including the nanny—and neglecting all responsibility for his family, Carly realizes that her life is starting to unravel.
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The story is not about Carly’s quest to find Mr. Right in time to create a happy fairy tale ending. Instead, it is about her life now—one that many readers have seen from afar or have personally experienced—and how to deal with the past while moving forward. The characters grieve, lust, battle, scheme, love, panic and laugh with her

Mother Daze Tales from the Imperfect Playground

Mother Daze is a truthful account of modern motherhood, a virtual high five offered to the women of the world, written by a girl who thought she had life well under control until kids came along… surprise! It’s been said that motherhood should unlock a universal understanding: same team, same goal… happy, healthy child, but what about the happy, healthy mommy? Where is she in the mix?

Throughout her stories of misplaced toys, temper tantrums, and experiences as a physical education teacher, Christine offers observations that will ring true with all mothers. In short, this book offers a virtual high five to women for the gazillion things they manage to miraculously get done.

The Diaper Chronicles

The Diaper Chronicles – A stay at home dad’s quest for raising great kids is a different and unique book. It is a story about an ailing dad who decides to take on himself the monumental task of raising his son.

The story is a 12 months journey delving into the challenges, successes and failures of a work\stay at home dad. The book is full with tips and advice while busting many parenting myths on the way.


IT’S NOT THAT I’M BITTER: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Visible Panty Lines and Conquered the World
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In a world where eye cream is made from placenta, Gina Barreca is the lone voice calling out “But wait, whose placenta is it?” She asks the crucial questions: Why is there no King Charming? Why does no bra ever fit? Why does are there no tutus in XL? Why



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