Lifestyle2010 Gifts for Foodies, Food Lovers and Cooks

2010 Gifts for Foodies, Food Lovers and Cooks

Our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide is brought to you by these wonderful sponsors:

Diaper Cakes


Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade The Complete Cookbook

Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade The Complete Cookbook serves up delicious recipes from 20 in depth, unique chapters like Sandra’s Cooking Basics, Poultry & Beef, 20 Minute Meals, International Fare, Slow Cooker & One Pot Wonders and provides an insiders’ view of Sandra’s new kitchen, pantry and three at home eating areas-formal, family and kitchen dining. Sandra, who can often be seen on the Today show and Good Morning America, is thrilled to share with her readers, an exclusive chapter featuring cherished recipes from her sister, muse and frequent guest on Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee, Kimber Lee.
Dassant Baking Mixes

Dassant Mixes represent fine baking traditions from around the world. Each homemade recipe is rich in history, oven-fresh flavor, and the irresistible aroma of home style baking. From the world famous Classic Beer easy bread recipe to the Truffle Brownie Mix brownies, Dassant makes each recipe easy to prepare, convenient, and of the highest quality. Each cooking mix offers a “from-scratch-taste” and has “stood-the-test-of time” with our customers for over 25 years. Quality, convenience, satisfaction – and that’s Dassant.


Sweet Pairings Gift Set

The Sweet Pairings Gift Set contains 4 oz. jars of Balsamic Four-Onion, Fig Almond and Spiced Sour Cherry Spreads. $25.00

Sutton Gourmet Paper

Sutton Gourmet Paper, who offers chic cupcake liners that perform amazingly well when baked. Perfect as hostess
gifts or stocking stuffers (under $5). The colors stay true and the designs don’t fade, even with dark chocolate cake. No other cupcake paper can prove that! $3.95 / Pack of 50 Standard Sized Baking Cups

The Original Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

he Bhut Jolokia, or ghost pepper, is the world’s hottest pepper, and here it’s blended with carrots, onions, papaya, passion fruit and other fine ingredients to create the original Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. This ultra-hot sauce should be handled with extreme caution and consumed only by the micro-droplet, but if you’re brave enough to try Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, you’ll appreciate the rich tropical flavor as well as the blistering heat!

Confirmed by Guinness World Records to be the hottest chili in the world! Bhut Jolokia, this isn’t just super hot. This is a world record holding killer hot. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL! 5 ounce bottle, $10.95 each
Ya-Hoo! Cake Ball Kit

Cake Balls are all the rage, but first you must bake a cake. With this all-new time saving cake ball kit, just open the ready-to-serve Cream Cheese Pound Cake and blend with the buttercream icing included. Roll the balls and coat with chocolate coating and nonpareils. Easy enough for kids but versatile enough to interest your inner pastry chef, the kit comes with complete instructions, all the fixin’s and makes approx. 24-30 1″-round cake balls (as shown). $19.95

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