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13 Trendy Makeover Ideas for Kids’ Bedroom

We would all love trendy bedrooms for our kids, but the thought of altering the existing arrangement or going about this task is a challenge we don’t usually feel we are up to.

However, if you make the process interactive, you might find it a fun project. Involve your kids in the makeover, not just to understand their requirements but also to make the makeover less tedious.

Here are 10 trendy bedroom makeover ideas that will definitely inspire you to create a pretty bedroom for your kids.

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1. Play with Colors

A kid’s bedroom should look lively. Always choose a combination of two colors or a coordinating color scheme of three colors to color the walls. Use colors in unexpected places. For example, use colorful cubbies for storage or go for colorful flooring instead of the usual sedate one.

2. Use Patterns

Choose a bright paint and use it to make amazing patterns on a single blank wall of the room. You can also make patterns on the cabinets, and add flashes of patterns with comforters or rugs. Geometric patterns are in this year, so include them wherever possible.

3. Don’t Miss the Wallpaper

Wallpaper and wall coverings add a quirky element to a kid’s bedroom. You can use wallpaper with broad stripes or a wall covering with your kid’s favorite theme like cartoon characters, race cars, flowers, chocolates and others.

4. Decorate the Ceiling

Decorate the ceiling to create a cheery sight in the bedroom. It will grab your kid’s attention while resting on bed.

You can paint, make patterns, or stick wall decals on the ceiling. Overhead strips with a combination of two colors look chic in a bedroom with a low-level bed and wooden furniture.

You can also decorate the ceiling with radiant materials to construct an illusion of the night sky your kid would love to gaze at.

5. Display Your Kid’s Toys

To create a colorful display in the bedroom, place some small toys on the open shelves. In addition, you can hang a couple of large toys on a wall-mounted coatrack.

You can turn your kid’s bedroom into a chic playground by arranging giant games like giant tower, giant snakes and ladders, or giant dominoes on the floor.

6. Create an Art Display

Adorn the bedroom with some pretty artwork. Artwork helps spark your child’s imagination. Use colorful string wire and wooden cloth-clips to display your kid’s artwork.

Another idea is to create an art gallery by hanging several framed cork sheets together. You can update these frames with your kid’s masterpieces.

7. Use Your Kid’s Fondest Moment as Decor Inspiration

You can use photographs of your kid’s fondest and proudest moments as bedroom decor. Frame several photos of varying sizes and create an accent wall with them.

You can also use your kid’s favorite photo as a trendy piece of art. Enlarge a photo, cut it into three sections, frame it, and hang it over a plain wall.

8. Use Bright Colored Fabrics

Use colorful fabrics for the bedroom. Bright colored fabrics make a room lively and attractive.

You can experiment with multiple colors for the pillows, cushions, and comforters. However, for the bedding always choose a soothing color that goes well with the color scheme of a bedroom.

Use colorful curtains for your kid’s room. This will not only filter the light coming from outside, but will also unite the elements of the room.

9. Place a Lampshade

Place a decorative lampshade or an elegant lampshade with textured shade to brighten up the bedroom. You can also wrap a colorful lace around a nightstand to give a unique touch to the lamp.

10. Utilize Closet Accessories

Organizing a closet can be a major concern in kids’ bedroom. Utilize the wasted closet space to arrange the closet.

You can use decorative closet accessories like hangers to rev up the closet. Websites like Only Hangers provide a wide variety of colorful and glamorous hangers for children. You can also use colorful cubbies and printed bins as closet storage accessories.

Cover the closet doors with a magnetic board or a mirror. Kids can play word games or display art projects on things like these.

Another idea is to stick some artistic multi-pocket organizers on the closet doors. Use them as a display for hair accessories, trinkets, and reminder notes.

11. Use Innovative Storage Containers

There is no need of spending money on new storage containers. Use some colorful table drawers, a collection of tin cans, or colorful wooden fruit boxes as innovative storage containers. These innovative containers will inspire your kids to stay organized.

12. Use Floating Shelves

Replace clunky bookshelves with floating shelves. These shelves are ideal for a kid’s bedroom because they don’t occupy a lot of space. You can also use these shelves to display playful toys and unusual accessories.

13. Bunk Beds are Stylish

Innovative bunk beds are stylish and they make a wonderful place to sleep in. A high sleeper bunk-cum-storage bed has ample amount of storage space beneath it. It can be a great option when it comes to room sharing.

Conclusion: A bedroom makeover will definitely please your kids and they will start spending quality time in their bedroom. A trendy and well-designed bedroom will not only develop their personality but also help them express their feelings.


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