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10 Ways to Add Color to Your Bedroom

We spend a lot of our free time in our bedrooms. It’s where we go to sleep, read, watch TV,talk to our friends on the phone and get ourselves dressed. With so much going on in one space, it is important that it is an area that you can be proud of.

You want to be able to look around your room and see yourself in every part of it. Your creativity inspired that photo college on the wall above your dresser and it was your hard work and determination that finally got those stylish curtains to hang correctly. There are many ways in which you can add a dash of color into your bedroom. Here are 10 ways to help you add instant personality, color and fun into your favorite room in the house.

1. Colorful Mattress

Yellow is the most calming color of all and what is better than having a calming and comfortable bed from Eve Mattress? Add extra color to the bed area by layering various shades of pillows, throws and cushions.

2. Picture Collage

Gather all your favorite photographs that have yet to find their way into a photo album and layer them on a blank space of the wall to add a touch of personalization and color into your bedroom.

3. Bottle Chandelier

Collect lots of colorful bottles. These can be beer bottles or empty juice bottles, and then combine them to form a large and original chandelier to hang from your ceiling. This idea has become increasingly popular over recent months and gives a nice colorful finish to your home decor.

4. Bookcase

According to www.housebeautiful.com, you can easily add color to your bookcase by backing the shelves with patterned wallpaper to add instant originality and impact.

5. Multi-Colored Walls

If you are tired of four plain white walls, liven things up and paint each wall a different color. You can get as creative as you like or stick to a certain color palette.

6. Posters and Paintings

DIY paintings and posters add an instant splash of color to a bedroom. Large pieces in particular will add certain impact to the room and provide the space with a clear focal point.

7.  Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes, we all need a few words of encouragement to make the day go by that much easier. If you think that this would help you, consider displaying your favorite quotes around the mirror in your bedroom to help you stay motivated.

8. Mounted Lamps

Add light into your bedroom with an elegant wall lamp to illuminate your space. According to Real Simple, you should equip your light with a multi-watt bulb to fine-tune the light for reading or relaxing.

9. Carpets and Rugs

As simple as it seems, adding a colorful textured rug of carpet into a room will make the space seem more inviting, welcoming and complete.

10. Decorative Wardrobes

Paint your furniture to re-vitalize them and make them seem brand new. If you have a certain theme in your bedroom, try to stick to it by painting your wardrobe and drawers similar shades.


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