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10 Things to Look for on Cyber Monday – TV Deals, Computers, and More

When Cyber Monday rolls around, many moms jump on the internet to find the best deals because it is so much easier to shop from home. On this particular Monday, not only do most stores offer free shipping, but prices often rival those offered on the infamous Black Friday. However, you can shop from home in your pajamas while your kids still sleep. Just be careful and check the return policy. Paying to ship things back is big negative, so read the policies. If you are wondering what you should be looking for, check out this top ten list.

1. Computers

Some of the most popular items to purchase on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are desktops and laptops. These computers are so popular because while they are usually pretty expensive during the year, they become very discounted on these days. The time to purchase these items is during these sales in anticipation of a child leaving off to college.

2. TV Deals

Televisions are the other popular item that people will rush the doors to get their hands on. Televisions are so useful to a family because they give an opportunity to gather together and watch movies, play games, or just relax together watching some television. This is also great for entertaining and having friends over. There are never any better TV deals than during this time of year. Check out all the well-known electronics dealers. Most of the prices will be comparable to each other, but one or two may be offering extra great deals for the first few hours of shopping. To see some of the TV deals currently available, click here.

3. Tablets

Whether you consider yourself loyal to Apple or Droid, you will find the right prices you have been waiting for. Some like to have their kids use these over laptops because it is lighter to carry to class. With the release of the new iPad mini, there are any different sizes to choose from to fit your needs. Keep an eye out for great prices on these as these are often used to get customers to a store’s site like a doorbuster for the online store.

4. Gaming Systems

It seems like every year these sell out all over the place within hours on the day after Thanksgiving. Many people then turn to their computers to find deals in the cyber world. Finding these systems is not hard, especially if you scope out sales on Saturday or Sunday. Most stores will release a preview so just put in some time to plan where you are going to go so you can beat the masses and snag yours before it is gone. Your kids will thank you.

5. Clothing

This may seem a bit odd, but clothing companies definitely do not miss the opportunity to rack up their sales. While everyone is shopping on the internet, clothing stores will send out ads as well to lure customers to their site with some major price slashing. Winter clothing are the most popular items sold, especially coats and boots. Check around for additional percent-off codes to save even more.

6. Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Aid mixers are the most purchased and scoped out gifts in this category. For the last couple of years the manufacturer has put even bigger incentives on these mixers by giving rebates for cash or a free attachment. You can easily get one of these mixers for half off on the sites for Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohls, and other home stores with free shipping, sale prices, and percent off codes that are always coming in the mailbox.

7. Bedding

Department stores are in for any sale they can make in all of their departments. Check out the bedding and you will see big price cuts along with other linens like towels. Most people are not out to buy these items during the holiday season so you usually won’t have to worry about waiting for back ordered items.

8. Tools

Home Depot, Sears, and Lowes are known for putting out tool sets and power tools for cheap during these sales. In fact, these are their most popular items sold during the holiday season because these are the most popular man gifts. If you have been waiting all year for this sale, you will not be disappointed. Not even Father’s Day sales will give you these kinds of discounts.

9. Movies

Walking down the aisles of a store during Black Friday, it is common to see bins full of movies for a dollar or two. This is also true during the Cyber Monday deals because stores use the opportunity to draw you in to their store to see other products they are featuring. Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target have really cheap movies every year so grab some to keep in your car for your kids to watch on road trips. This way is cheaper than renting.

10. Cameras

Once again, electronics steal the show with their affordable prices. Cameras are so important because they capture life; the life of kids, nature, pets, and travels. Do not skip out on quality in this area. Instead, just be sure and buy when the price is in your range. Many electronics stores will offer deep discounts on not only the cameras and lenses they sell, but the accessories as well.


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Sara Haslem works with Dell. When Sara is not working, she enjoys spending time with her two kids and preparing for the one on the way. To get more information some of the electronics Dell may put on sale for Black Friday, Sara recommends visiting this link.

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