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10 Gift Ideas for Crafty Teens

Buying gifts for teenagers can be a minefield – especially when they have a habit of changing their minds more than we can keep up! Finding something that you think is cool but they do too is a tricky task. Why not bring out their creative sides by giving them all they need to make their own creations and keep them occupied. You can pick up plenty of craft supplies online at Homecrafts. Check out my top 10 crafty gift ideas for your teens.

1) T-Shirt transformations – Put together materials such as fabric pens and paint and stencils for them to start recreating their old t-shirts into something new and cool.

2) Vinyl clocks – Vinyl records are back in fashion and you can use them to make amazing clocks. You’ll need to get your hands on a clock mechanism which can be bought quite cheaply from Let your teen work on reconstructing your old unwanted vinyl into a clock for their bedroom. If you don’t have any vinyl have a look at eBay or in old record stores.

3) Handmade candles – Give them everything they need to make their own funky candles. Candle making kits are readily available to buy online.

4) Jewellery making – Beads and loom bands are a brilliant idea for getting a child into jewellery. Whether they choose to make bracelets from beads or fancy creating trouser chains from an old bike chain they’ll keep busy for hours adding creations to their wardrobe.

5) Knitting – Knitting is now officially cool. Even the celebrities are at it. If your kids have never tried knitting before then get together a starter kit with a ‘how to knit’ book, some simple patterns, needles and wool.

6) Headphone wire – Most teens seem to have headphones nowadays which make their very own statement. They can make those even bolder by adding embroidery floss around the wires to give their headphones even more color. Give them a gift of headphones and the floss they need to jazz them up.

7) Photo collage – We all take photos all the time using the various devices that we own.
So make the most of those memories and form a photo collage for your youngsters that they can constantly add to or give them a gift of a scrapbook to keep their memories safe. Print off your photos at

8) Upcycle old toys – Instead of throwing out your child’s old toys get them to have a go at up cycling them and make a whole new practical and function item. They can turn their old plastic animals into door handles for drawers or glue them to the top of storage jars for a funky effect. Get them a craft kit with everything they need to have a go.

9) Lego – Lego pieces can be used to create storage boxes or even a key holder – or make a homemade gift yourselves with Lego. Whatever you turn their Lego into it will be cool and your kids know it.

10) Baseball bracelet – Express your sporty side and use the seam of an old baseball, rounders or cricket ball to make a funky bracelet – or give them everything they need to have a go at making one themselves.

Hopefully these ideas have given you food for thought to keep your crafty teens happy this Christmas.


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