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10 Fun Ways to Give your Wooden Furniture an Antique Look

This is the latest in interior décor: making your brand new wooden furniture look old to give your house a trendy vintage effect. We would never place a hot chocolate cup on the wooden table without a saucer at the risk of creating a ring, right? Now it is time to chill out a bit as circles are the highest form of art in the creation of antique furniture! But after all this time trying to avoid leaving marks on wooden furniture maybe you have forgotten some of the basics. This is why we have listed here the 10 worst things we always thought we (or our kids) could ever inflict on a wooden table – with a tip to help you make it really happen!

1.      Throwing your key set on the table – A bad habit that took time to rid ourselves of but that promises nice antique looking marks on the wood. As we wouldn’t want you to have a relapse and accidentally inflict this treatment on your glass furniture, we suggest you use drills of different sizes to intentionally mark the surface with stripes.

2.      Leaving a hot cup without a saucer – Rings are foremost the biggest enemies of “modern wooden tables” but you will notice that it is not that easy to create dark circles when we actually want them. Our advice is to place a can of hot water at least for 15 minutes on a wooden surface that has been treated with vinegar beforehand.

3.      Letting your little one draw a masterpiece on the bare surface – I can see you making a face about this idea but kids are so creative and they draw with so much application that hard pencils will be sure have a great effect.

4.      Being lazy and waiting for the next day to remove a food stain – When an unexpected food stain occurs we usually wipe it away the second we notice it in order to prevent it from seeping through the wood. In the world of antique furniture we have our very own way to care for stains. Apply a wood stain (yes you can buy fake wood stains) to the surface and brush it on in the direction of the wood grain. Next step is to wipe the stain with a cloth to leave just enough in the cracks you have created (see tip 1 and 3). When the stain is dry you would need to seal it with a coat of varnish.

5.      Cleaning the surface with a hard brush – This leaves scratches on the wood but even if we all accidentally do it once every now and then the damage isn’t that serious. For the best results actually use a wire brush to purposefully scratch the furniture. Simply guide the wire brush back and forth with various strengths in different directions to create genuine scratches or varying sizes and depths.

6.      Eating without a place mat – This piece of advice works better in conjunction with tip number 4.

7.     Leaving candles leaking – (still not advisable but for other obvious reasons) – Wax from candles leaves great stain that you will be happy to scratch and look after to create a vintage effect.

8.     Spilling a glass of water (without mopping up) – Water is the best way to produce the dark colour of the wood. In order to create the best dark water stains for your wooden table, the water should completely soak into the wood. Repeat the operation several times and use vinegar to finish it and neutralise the colour.

9.      Dancing on top of the table with high heels shoes – This is not something we will usually do or recommend as the potential for a mishap is rather large! Tapping a hammer against the furniture is an easier way to create the same effect. Gauge the force used to tap the hammer to control how big the chips in the wood will be.

10.   Racing toy cars around the edge – Edges of tables are known to be very appropriate places for racing toy cars. If you don’t want to get your kids involved there are plenty of other means by which to scratch a wooden table, as seen above. But you can also make use of a coarse grit sandpaper or a sanding block to rub against the furniture corners and edges to help give it a weathered look.

Some genuine others more elaborate, we have seen several ways to create stains that will work wonders with all wooden furniture, whether you want an antique look for a headboard, a wooden table or a kingsize bed. Don’t be afraid to try new things to stain, scratch, chip, sand, whether and distress your furniture, anything is permitted as long as you don’t forget to varnish and protect the finished piece of furniture to seal your hard work!


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