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Feng Shui Tips For Harmony In The Kitchen

The best parties take place in the kitchen! Nothing is better than a meal prepared in a calm environment, and a relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen is one that is stimulating enough to inspire your culinary abilities and delights. Clean structures, functionality and a welcoming atmosphere are designed to make your work in the kitchen as comfortable as possible and provide harmony.

The kitchen has always played an essential role in all cultures. When we get visitors, we usually sit at the dining table rather than in the living room. It not only serves the preparation of food but also acts as a very special place of communication. The kitchen is so vital to us, from a social as well as physical point of view; therefore, we should place as much emphasis on the kitchen as we do in the bedroom. Here are some ways to generate more harmony in your kitchen.

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Consider The Location Of Your Kitchen

The location of the kitchen can have an impact on family life. If, for example, the kitchen is not adequately integrated into the home and is located outside the actual floor plan, for example, in an extension, it may well be that the desire to cook is lost and the residents increasingly eat out.

Focus On Having The Right Order And Functionality

In the kitchen, you should put a lot of emphasis on order and cleanliness. Closed cupboards instead of open shelves create a harmonious and calm appearance and ensure a good flow of energy. Store as much as possible, even small kitchen utensils and cooking utensils that often lie around need storing appropriately. However, keep everything within reach, ensuring a smooth cooking process.

Keep trash out of sight and out of the kitchen. Garbage is not only a sign of poor health but can also attract unwanted pests and infestations. Turning to expert termite & general pest control can ensure a healthy and clean kitchen environment. You can also consider touchless trash cans to avoid the transfer of dirt.

The Kitchen Should Have The Right Temperature & Lots Of Fresh air

If one recognizes in the evening the same smell in the whole house that was there for lunch, that does not speak for a good Feng Shui.

Ventilate regularly or keep the kitchen door closed when cooking and use good exhaust air systems. Especially with open kitchens, it is especially important to create a pleasant room atmosphere.

Consider The Arrangement In The Kitchen

A key to harmony within the kitchen is the location of the cooker in relation to the sink and refrigerator. Specifically, all three components should not be next to each other, as this not only reduces energy efficiency but fire (stove), and water otherwise directly collide.

The stove should also be facing the door: The cook should ideally have the door in view. This ensures that not a part of his or her attention is absorbed by what is happening in their back. If, on the other hand, he or she is standing at the stove with the back turned to the door, a shiny toaster or a mirror will help.

The stove should not be placed under a window: Even under the window, the stove in Feng Shui is not welcome, as in this case, much energy escapes through the windows. The motto here is to insulate well, to keep windows closed during cooking and to store flammable utensils out of reach.

The dining table should be in the kitchen: This is an optimal combination because the dining table in the kitchen promotes family cohesion. So the family members often gather already during the meal preparation, and the kitchen becomes thus the center and meeting place of the everyday life.


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