Summer Fling With Blingity Bling (SOP Bonus Entry #9)

Put a little extra bling in your step this summer!

“These days, it’s tough to find fresh ways to spice up your look without breaking the bank. Welcome, two imaginative entrepreneurs who recently launched Blingity Bling, a style-driven business which offers fashionistas of all ages custom crystallized creations. Flip flops, tanks, Ugg boots, cell phones, iPods and wine openers – these funky couture creations are donned with Swarvorski crystals of all colors and will add serious bling to any ensemble. Who doesn’t love a little flash during dull times?” –

Our favorite Summer item? The blinged out flip flops! And of course, we are loving the pink ones!!

We wouldn’t dare brag about a cool compeny like the Blingity Bling and not offer some bling to our readers, that just wouldn’t be in true Mom Fuse fashion! So be sure to enter our Summer of Pink Giveaway featuring Swarovski Boots and Flip Flops from Blingity Bling and over $1000 worth of other fun Pink for Mom” products now!


**Daily Bonus Entry Trivia Question**

How many premade designs do the Blingity Bling Boots come in? 

Leave the answer to this question on the original Summer of Pink Event page to earn your daily bonus entry! 1 bonus entry per day