Pinypon Caravan Toy Review

We recently had the opportunity to review a piece from the PinyPon collection, PinyPons are toys that are especially designed and manufactured for boys and girls ages 4 or older. We did receive a free Pinypon Caravan specifically for this review so that we could test out the toy.

pinyponcaravanI was unfamiliar with PinyPon until this review but apparently they were very popular in the 80’s and 90’s and then in 2009 they relaunched the brand to feature more up-to-date toys that focused on fashion and pets.

The Pinypon line of toys are cute and they are small enough for little hands to maneuver around. Most, if not all, of the figures are interchangeable so the dolls can exchange their clothing, their hair and their accessories. This is something my 4 year old daughter seems to be obsessed with, she loves to play with dolls and change around their outfits.

There are some very small parts with the toys which you’ll want to watch. Because our daughter has a twin brother who is definitely a boy and likes to stick things in nose, mouth, etc.. we did put the small parts away before letting them play with the toys.

The PinyPon Adventure Caravan that we were sent for the review is a retro style, fully loaded house on wheels. Yes, it even contains a shower and a mirror! Also included was a pet, picnic table, toy drinks, swimming pool, lounge chair and more. My daughter has had so much fun playing with this caravan.

Also included in the line is a PinyPon Hotel, sets of figures and more.

The entire PinyPon line can be found at Target as well as a few selected retailers. You can check out for a list of retailers, to play PinyPon games online and to find out more about the toys and the PinyPon world.


Disclosure: We received a Pinypon Caravan for free to review. All opinions are 100% mine.