Evenflo Creates Car Seat Designed to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe Embrace Infant Car Seat

Evenflo Creates Car Seat Designed to Prevent Hot Car Deaths. The Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe Embrace Infant Car Seat car seat uses a wireless receiver that plugs into a car’s On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port and syncs with the chest clip that goes around the baby. If the car is turned off and the chest clip is still buckled, a series of tones will play to alert the driver. The Evenflo … [Read more...]

Fab Find: ETY Kids Earphones

ety kids headphones

Let the ETY Kids earphones help with Blu-ray, surround-sound, life-like computer graphics and 3-D movies and more. Today's tech-connected kids live in a high-def world. They are bombarded by sound from television, toys, game consoles, music players and in-vehicle entertainment systems. As parents we all want to keep our children safe. ETY•Kids safe-listening earphones are engineered for safe … [Read more...]

Fab Find: Kandoo Moisturizing Hand Soap


One of our favorite Fab Finds is the Kandoo Moisturizing Hand Soap. As parents we want our kids to be clean. Hand washing is such an important thing for kids to learn and get in the routine of doing. Washing your hands can help prevent germs spreading and making sure those little hands are clean can be challenging at times. I know when my kids wash their hands, most of the time they do it in … [Read more...]

Poppy Drops Child Safe Nail Art & Jewlery

Poppy Drops

Have a princess at home? My little princess is six years old and loves jewelry, makeup, etc. Actually, it's really not a love - it's an obsession! Poppy Drops has come up with some very cool "beauty" alternatives for children so if you're daughter is a princess like mine - she can now have some child safe nail art, jewelry and they even make perfume sticks. With my daughter it was always a … [Read more...]

HelloFlo New Mom Kit: Essentials For New Moms


The HelloFlo New Mom Kit... you might remember HelloFlo for being the company that made periods hilariously part of the conversation as opposed to a taboo subject for young girls. Recently though, they've expanded that conversation to include the other side of being a new mom: the leaks, the pains, and the aches. The HelloFlo New Mom Kit includes all of the essentials: a Postpartum survival … [Read more...]