The kids only have a few more weeks of preschool left before Summer break. I’m not sure how well break will go over with them since they love to go to school every day as it is now! Preschool has already sent home quite a few activities that they can do over their break to get them ready for kindergarten, but the kids are already

My New Favorite Freebie Site: Julies Freebies


As the kids get older and things seem to get more expensive I’m always on the hunt for good freebies…. I was recently introduced to Julie’s Freebies, a site which is packed full of good freebies and deals that you won’t want to miss out on. Julie’s Freebies has everything from free baby stuff to free magazine subscriptions. You can even find some great coupons

Red Envelope Review


Can you believe it’s almost time for all the Holiday shopping frenzy! I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner! Luckily I have a few things already but we do have a few more family members to buy for and the items we have left are more of the personalized items. One of the well-known websites I’ve heard of but have never ordered from

Review: Burger Shop 2 at Big Fish Games


I have always been a game lover.. I enjoy playing card games, online games and I enjoy playing console games (Xbox, Wii, etc). It’s something I like to do once the kids are asleep and I have some quiet time because it relaxes me and keeps my mind sharp. I was recently given the opportunity to review Burger Shop 2 (a PC game) over at

Review: New Party City Life-Size Gliding Balloons


I had heard of Party City before but never tried them, the closest store to us is over 50 miles away and while we get up there once in a while it always seems like we’re in a hurry and never get to stop by so when they gave us an opportunity to do a review I was totally up for it. Party City was