Fight A Cold or Flu with Vicks DayQuil and NyQuil! #spon


This has to be one of the worst winters ever for flu season.. there are have been a lot of children missing school and parents missing work because they have been hit with a bad cold or flu. Our two children were kind enough to bring home the flu and strep home with them. Their class had a total of 9 out of 17 children

Rejuvenescence Helps To Make Your Bathroom Smell Good


Recently we were given a samples of ReJuvenesence, a patented new line of scented toilet tissue holders specially designed to mask unpleasant odors and leaves your bathroom smelling great. I have a big pet peeve about my bathroom, it must smell nice. I don’t like to go in there and having it smell like a bathroom, I like it fragranced and these little hidden gems

Mighty Max Cart Review


We recently had the opportunity to check out and review the Mighty Max Cart, a utility cart that claims it can do it all. At first I thought something like this would come in handy for a few things, after checking the cart out fully and doing this review, I didn’t know how much we would use something like this. The Might Max Cart is

NewAir AIC-210 Ice Cream Maker


We are all huge fans of ice cream in our house, especially the twins so when we got the opportunity to review the NewAir AIC-210 Ice Cream Maker we were all super excited. What’s better than homemade ice cream? The NewAir AIC-210 ice cream maker not only makes ice cream, but frozen yogurt, sorbet, or gelato with professional results. This is a commercial grade ice

Scotts Turf Builder Review


Our lawn is in serious need of some help because of all the rain we have received in the last few months. Because of the rain there has been flooding and we now have those yucky looking bare spots in our yard and it’s driving us crazy, especially my husband. We like for our yard to look it’s best and we’re getting no help from