The Slow Cooker Mate – Moms New Best Friend in the Kitchen

As moms, we are busy all the time. Since my twins were born one of my biggest challenges has been managing my time. After, almost a year and a half I think I’m finally figuring out a schedule that works for everyone. With a little bit of practice and maybe some help from The Slow […]

Review: TinyTongs


Have you seen these? TinyTongs are small durable tongs for children created to help take the mess and stress out of meal time. The design helps kids put more food in their mouths and less on themselves or on the floor and makes meal time fun for everyone! My twins aren’t used to using actual […]

Siliskin Toddler Drinking Glass Review


You may have heard of Silikids: Siliskin Glass Bottle Covers but you might not have seen their new item.. the Siliskin Glass. A glass for toddlers, with a protective silicone sheath so they can drink like the “big kids” do! I was excited to try this because in less than a year my twins will […]