NewAir AIC-210 Ice Cream Maker


We are all huge fans of ice cream in our house, especially the twins so when we got the opportunity to review the NewAir AIC-210 Ice Cream Maker we were all super excited. What’s better than homemade ice cream? The NewAir AIC-210 ice cream maker not only makes ice cream, but frozen yogurt, sorbet, or gelato with professional results. This is a commercial grade ice

Review: Senseo Coffee Machine


The Senseo Coffee Machine is a 2-cup brewing system with a sleek design that uses convenient pods to make a cup of coffee in just a few minutes. We were sent a Senseo machine and a few coffee pods to try out. I think our household has decided that after trying out the new single-serve coffee machines, we’ll never go back to a “regular” coffee

The Slow Cooker Mate – Moms New Best Friend in the Kitchen

As moms, we are busy all the time. Since my twins were born one of my biggest challenges has been managing my time. After, almost a year and a half I think I’m finally figuring out a schedule that works for everyone. With a little bit of practice and maybe some help from The Slow Cooker Mate™.. those really hectic nights aren’t so hard. The

Review: TinyTongs


Have you seen these? TinyTongs are small durable tongs for children created to help take the mess and stress out of meal time. The design helps kids put more food in their mouths and less on themselves or on the floor and makes meal time fun for everyone! My twins aren’t used to using actual utensils yet so I pretty much just let them get

Siliskin Toddler Drinking Glass Review


You may have heard of Silikids: Siliskin Glass Bottle Covers but you might not have seen their new item.. the Siliskin Glass. A glass for toddlers, with a protective silicone sheath so they can drink like the “big kids” do! I was excited to try this because in less than a year my twins will be considered toddlers. They’re still taking a bottle with milk