Neosporin Essentials


My son and my husband’s side of the family all suffer from eczema, we’ve been dealing with our sons bad eczema since he was born and while it’s gotten a little better, it’s still fairly bad, especially in the winter. Currently we don’t use any kind of prescribed medication, an over the counter brand is [...]

Mobile Moms Stroller Hand Muff Review


We were recently sent a Mobile Moms Stroller Hand Muff to review. Before this opportunity came along I had never heard of a stroller hand muff and to be honest wasn’t quite sure how it would work out. The Mobile Moms Stroller Hand Muff is a convenient and easy to use hand muff that easily [...]

Stress Ease Comfort Reader Pillow Review


In his best-selling book “Power Sleep: The Revolutionary Program that Prepares Your Mind For Peak Performance,” and the sequel “Sleep for Success! Everything You Must Know About Sleep But Are Too Tired to Ask,” sleep researcher Dr. James B. Maas discusses the importance of a nightly pre-sleep ritual, explaining: In order to sleep soundly through [...]

HyGenie Helps You Sanitize Your Babys Pacifiers and More

As a business mom of twins, keeping up with Mom Fuse and everything else, I don’t have a lot of time to sterilize their pacifiers or bottles.. so anything that helps me with that process and makes my life a little easier is a keeper. Enter HyGenie. The HyGenie uses proven UV and ozone technology [...]

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited g-edition Umbrella Stroller Review


I was thrilled to receive the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited g-edition Umbrella Stroller to check out and review. As you may know, we have had quite the time with our first stroller (which is now broken within less than a year of using it), so I couldn’t wait to see how this Jeep stroller did. One [...]

Sweetsation Therapy Review


Sweetsation Therapy was created when Natalja Millsap was pregnant with her first child and discovered that many of the products she had been using on her face and body contained ingredients that were not considered safe. Natalja was determined to find the best products for moms and their babies and decided to put her years [...]

Kushies My Bag Review & Kushies Coupon Code


Recently we had the opportunity to test out the Kushies My Bag. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand Kushies, Kushies Baby designs, manufactures and markets an innovative collection of quality baby products and accessories. The company strives for excellence in all areas to ensure its customers receive the highest attainable workmanship and quality. This is [...]

Kokopax Classic Carrier Review & Coupon Code

Anyone who knows me.. knows I have twins. It’s not a secret and like any proud mom I mention them every chance I get! Our twins are just over a year old now and for me going anywhere, is our biggest struggle, especially when I’m by myself. My husband and I try to work it [...]