Neosporin Essentials


My son and my husband’s side of the family all suffer from eczema, we’ve been dealing with our sons bad eczema since he was born and while it’s gotten a little better, it’s still fairly bad, especially in the winter. Currently we don’t use any kind of prescribed medication, an over the counter brand is doing it’s job so far. I don’t want to put

NightSkin Review


Last year we did a a Fab Find on NightSkin and I also had the opportunity to test it out. Please keep in mind that this is my personal review and experience. I was provided with a free product in order to do an honest review. I used the the NightSkin for quite a long time in order to do the review, with it being

Remington Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener


Recently we received the Remington Wet 2 Straight Hair Straighter (flat iron) to review. Now I have semi-thick hair that’s wavy and frizzes every chance it gets.. whenever I want to straighten it, I have to get the good ole’ blow dryer out and fry my hair so I was super excited when I was able to review the Wet 2 Straight Iron from Remington.

Beech Yoga and Pedicure Sandals


Each of us have unique feet with unique needs. Until now, if you’ve used Yoga Sandals, you know that toe separators have been based on the “one size fits all” standard. But now Yoga Sandals® is offering a unique sandal to help in toe separating by creating a unique footwear brand that’s not only perfect for Yoga but also for Pedicures! Yoga Sandals are  a yoga sandal where

Cinda B Personalized Cosmetic Bag from A little Bit of This

Recently I had the opportunity to review the Cinda B Cosmetic Bag, personalized with my initials, from A Little Bit of This. I’m loving this Cinda B bag because it’s the perfect size for toting around all of my lotions, makeup and travel accessories when we travel. The bag has a flat bottom so that it stays upright on the counter, sink, dresser or wherever