HALO® ComfortLuxe™ Review

Halo has introduced it’s new Halo ComfortLuxe, a smart fabric that’s lightweight and knit to allow fresh air to circulate to keep the skin cool, dry and comfortable, regardless of the time of year. I’ve talked before about my son’s dry skin and eczema, which gets worse during the winter months so I was excited […]

Beech Yoga and Pedicure Sandals


Each of us have unique feet with unique needs. Until now, if you’ve used Yoga Sandals, you know that toe separators have been based on the “one size fits all” standard. But now Yoga Sandals® is offering a unique sandal to help in toe separating by creating a unique footwear brand that’s not only perfect for Yoga but […]

Buff The Original Multifunction Headwear

Whether your hiking in the mountains, lounging at the beach, skiing or snowboarding, playing your favorite sport, traveling, or riding your bike… a Buff can help give you protection. I was also told by some local students that Buffs are fashionable and can be worn as a scarf, a head wrap and more. Each Buff is […]