Mosquitno Bandz Helps Repel Bugs Without Harmful Chemicals

Mosquitno Bandz

 Disclaimer: We received some free samples Mosquitno Bandz to review. All opinions are my own. There's nothing worse than trying to enjoy fun outdoor activities and having those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs bothering you. Bug sprays can contain chemicals, a horrible odor and can leave residue on skin and clothes. Mosquitno Bandz have come up with a great way to repel those pesky … [Read more...]

New Fiber One Cheesecake Bars


Disclosure: We are sent free product in order to do the review. All opinions are my own. Fiber One has kicked-off its first Cheesecake Appreciate Month for August in honor of the new product launch of their new Fiber One Cheesecake Bars. Each Fiber One Cheesecake bar contains only 150 calories and 20 percent of your daily value of fiber – the perfect guilt-free treat when craving a REAL … [Read more...]

Review: BELLA Linea 5 QT Programmable Slow Cooker


The BELLA Linea Collection 5 QT Programmable Slow Cooker is a fully programmable; all you need to do is set the countdown timer between 30 minutes and 20 hours and you're free to go about your day. With back to school season here, I am definitely recommending the BELLA Linea Collection 5 QT Slow Cooker for busy parents. It's got some pretty great features too! Off/Low/High/Warm/30 … [Read more...]

HOT POCKETS Snack Bites & Breakfast Bites


HOT POCKETS Snack Bites & Breakfast Bites? Oh yeah! I remember eating Hot Pockets when I was younger, it was such a quick and easy lunch that worked out perfectly for the short school lunch hours. The kids haven't been big fans of Hot Pockets and most of it is because Hot Pockets are just too big for their little hands. Now that they've come out with these little Snack Bites, I'm excited to … [Read more...]

What’s causing your wet basement?

Green Clean Your Kitchen

This is a sponsored post. If your home has a basement, there’s a very good chance that at one time or another, you will experience the unwelcome phenomenon known as a wet basement. A wet basement can be the bane of any homeowner’s existence, as it can lead to water damage to your home’s structure and your belongings, as well as creating an environment that is conducive to the growth of mold and … [Read more...]