Pregnancy and Sleep

I had such a hard time sleeping when I was pregnant with the twins which is what inspired this article! I could never find a comfortable position, I had heartburn, or I just plain couldn’t sleep. Insomnia really got the best of me during my pregnancy. And it seems that I’m not the only one! [...]

5 Things You Should Purchase As Soon As You Get the News!

My husband and I are currently expecting our first child, and the past few months have been crazy! While planning our family, I had all of these romantic visions of the perfect pregnancy, being in love with my pregnant body, and nine months of generally smooth sailing. Now, about half way through, we have been [...]

10 Tips for a Stress Free Pregnancy

The nine months of pregnancy is full of new experiences and anticipation of what’s to come. There are lots of unknowns and for many (let’s be honest…most) moms pregnancy can cause a bit of anxiety and stress. Even though you may be counting down the days with excitement to becoming a mother, the pregnancy period [...]

Prenatal Music Benefits for Mom and Baby-to-be

Being pregnant for the first time is new and unreal experience. Even for moms who have other children at home, each pregnancy is a little bit different. A new family member is about to enter the family and turn things upside down (in a good way), however the anticipation of the unknown, while incredibly exciting, [...]

Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Breastfeeding Mothers


From the moment a mother becomes aware that she is eating for two, it is vital that she assess her usual diet to determine that all of the important vitamins, nutrients, and minerals needed for her baby’s development are being obtained in some manner. Eating a well-balanced diet is a great beginning, but in the [...]

Fab Find: Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow

If you are pregnant you know how hard it could be to get a good night’s rest! When I was six months pregnant I actually started sleeping in a recliner because it was so hard for me to get comfortable in my bed. Finding a position that is both supportive for your belly and back [...]

Mama Belly Oil – 90210 Organics

If you are in need of some serious relaxation , as many moms are , Baby Bear Shop Mama Belly Oil is the perfect solution. Whether you are a mom-to-be , a new mother , or a seasoned veteran , you will want to find time to pamper yourself with this relaxing elixir made from lavender oil , [...]