5 Outdoor Entertaining Tips For Summer

The decks are power-washed, gas grills are fueled up, and the warm weather is here to stay. All thats left is to invite over everyone you want to enjoy the heat with. Here are five tips for makings sure your outdoor hosting goes off without a hitch this summer.   1.) Weatherproof Your Decor Even [...]

Easy Ways to Personalize a Childs Party

Birthday parties are a special memory for both children and their parents. Every moment, presents and party hats and blowing out the candles there are all memories that everyone will treasure. All mom’s and das want ot do something special for their children to commemorate another year of a precious life. Sometimes it’s the big [...]

Calculating the Amount of Party Food

Ah, parties. Those few precious hours where a roomful of people gather to schmooze, sip on sweet sparkling nothings, and enjoy the bounty of the buffet table. Guests can pile plates with roasted tomato crostini, steak tartar, imported camembert, and sprigs of parsley. The lights are low, the decorations are chic and still in place, [...]

Quick and Easy Birthday Party Decorating Ideas


Creating the right ambiance and atmosphere is an important part of throwing a successful birthday party, and there are many different options available when it comes to décor. Whether you are having your party at your home or at a venue you can find simple, quick, affordable, yet very effective decorations that will complement any [...]

Healthier First Birthday Cake Ideas


Parents are often looking for a healthy alternative to the standard, sugary, preservative-filled birthday cake for their baby’s introduction to the wonderful traditions of birthdays. We’ve heard from parents looking for ways to buy an egg-free cake, to those seeking recipes for “healthy” cakes, or even whether to make/buy two cakes (one for Baby, one [...]

The Secret To Creating Fantastic First Birthday Memories

The day has arrived, quicker than you could ever imagine, your baby’s first birthday! You want to make this first celebration of life fun, significant and memorable for both your little one and your guests, but how? We suspect you still find it challenging to shower and dress by noon, let alone plan an elaborate [...]

Children’s Party Planning Tips and Tricks from an Expert


While children’s parties are supposed to exude happiness, from clowns to cupcakes and pinatas to presents, planning one can create quite a task! I say this from experience – my daughter will be turning two in February and I have been planning her party since July 2008. Every parent wants their child’s party to be [...]