How We Live A Fit and Healthy Lifestyle #C9atTarget

In a previous post I told you why I try to live a healthy and active lifestyle, today I will tell we how our family does it. We eat more fruits, veggies and healthy foods. When we were at the point where we, as a family, made the decision to lead a more healthy lifestyle [...]

How Toxic Chemicals Affect Child Development

It has long been known that toxic chemicals affect the human brain, but more recent discoveries suggest that the lion’s share of the damage occurs in the brains of children. Typically, the discovery of this damage begins with the brains of adults. That is, researchers notice a significant “bump”  in the numbers of grownups in [...]

Losing Sleep Over Not Getting Enough Sleep

Bedtime hits and your child asks you for just one more hour, to chat with friends, watch their favourite TV show, or finish another level in their video game. One hour can’t hurt that much, can it? What you may not realize is that one hour less of sleep can do more than just make [...]

Talking to Your Child’s Coach about Asthma Control

If your child’s asthma is triggered when playing sports, it’s important to be able to work with the coach to help manage the symptoms and ensure your child has a positive experience. Your child should be able to participate fully in sports and exercise even though he or she has asthma. In fact, staying physically [...]

Braces-Friendly Recipe Tips

Here are some great tips that are braces-friendly in celebration of October being National Orthodontic Health Month, this article was written by Pamela Waterman, Author of The Braces Cookbooks ( Did your child or teen recently get braces? It can suddenly be so hard to think of foods he or she can eat that won’t [...]

Choosing the Right Doctor for your Family

Think about it — a lot of our best choices start with word-of-mouth recommendations. Your favorite restaurant, what gym you choose to work out in and what movies you go watch. But the stakes of a bad restaurant recommendation are entirely different than making a decision on the best pediatrician for your child or cardiologist [...]

Seven At-Work Exercises for the Biceps and Triceps

Let’s face it: Typing on a keyboard all day is not a great arm workout. But if you’re able to take short breaks during your workday, it is possible to work your biceps or triceps while you’re at the office. For some of these exercises you’ll need a hand weight or resistance band, but a [...]

What the Heck is an Ab Belt and Do I Need One?

Ab belts have been catching on in popularity over the past two or three years. The increase in popularity is in part due to the fact we’re always in search of a faster way to get fitness results and also because the technology these devices use has some pretty solid science behind it. For those [...]