Fun Halloween Apps for Kids

Halloween Apps for kids

Halloween is just a few days away and our kids are so excited. They are excited to wear their costumes and everything they want to do right now whether it be reading, crafts, etc are Halloween based. The kids love playing games and learning on the tablets. They are always looking for new things to try out, books to read and games to play. That's a good thing, because right now we are working … [Read more...]

Essentials for your Halloween Party


With Halloween just around the corner, many of us are getting ready for our spooky parties, and ensuring we’ve got everything we need to creep out and amaze our guests! If you’ve never held a Halloween party before though, it can seem like a tough task to get everything all organised, and you may be bound to forget something. Therefore we’ve put together a list of essentials (and maybe some … [Read more...]

Easy Bat Halloween Wreath (Kid-Friendly)


My daughter has been dying to start on Fall crafts this year. We've just been so busy with school and after school activities that we hadn't had a chance to create anything. This past weekend we actually had nothing on our plate which doesn't happen very often so her and I finally got a chance to make a fun wreath. She wanted to do a bat for the first go around so we came up with a simple … [Read more...]

Halloween Fun with Waiting On Martha

Waiting On Martha Serving Plates

Waiting On Martha’s founder and curator, Mandy Kellogg Rye, lives by one mantra, “Life should be lived beautifully every single day.” So who is Martha anyway? Martha is whoever you want her (or him) to be - An idea. An aspiration. Martha is a representation of what one’s inspired life could, and should be. Martha is the dream. Halloween Fun with Waiting On Martha Halloween Serving … [Read more...]

DIY Disney Frozen Halloween Costume Tutorials

Disney Frozen Halloween Costume Tutorials

I don't know about your little girl but my daughter is obsessed (still) with the movie Disney Frozen. Specifically Princess Elsa and Princess Anna. After we did a Frozen themed birthday party, she's set her mind to dressing up like Elsa for Halloween but the online sites and regular stores around here are selling out of these costumes already. With less than a month to Halloween I figured I … [Read more...]