DIY #HoneyBrown Coffee Gift Card #BICMerryMarking


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BIC®. All opinions are 100% mine. Each school year we help the kids make a cute or fun DIY craft that they can include with their teacher’s gift. Last year we did a gift that included a class picture, this year we wanted to make it a little more personal. Both of our kids

Easy Bat Halloween Wreath (Kid-Friendly)


My daughter has been dying to start on Fall crafts this year. We’ve just been so busy with school and after school activities that we hadn’t had a chance to create anything. This past weekend we actually had nothing on our plate which doesn’t happen very often so her and I finally got a chance to make a fun wreath. She wanted to do a bat

DIY Disney Frozen Halloween Costume Tutorials

Disney Frozen Halloween Costume Tutorials

I don’t know about your little girl but my daughter is obsessed (still) with the movie Disney Frozen. Specifically Princess Elsa and Princess Anna. After we did a Frozen themed birthday party, she’s set her mind to dressing up like Elsa for Halloween but the online sites and regular stores around here are selling out of these costumes already. With less than a month to

Halloween Mason Jar Crafts

Halloween Mason Jar Crafts

For some reason when the Fall season hits I have to buy apples and do mason jar crafts, it’s this crazy obsession that I have that my husband always laughs about as he’s bringing home the apples and the jars! That reminds me.. I need to post those mason jar creations I’ve done for you to see, they turned out pretty neat. I love looking

Sound Advice to Help You Display Your Art the Right Way


Artists spend a large part of their lives painting and perfecting their works in seclusion. Some paint just for the joy of it while others aim to make a living off their art. Displaying art to a large audience can help artists get recognition for their paintings and also provide them an opportunity to make money by selling those paintings. Simply creating a stunning work