Beauty Tips Using Baking Soda


Most of you have known the goodness of a pinch of baking soda inside as well as outside the kitchen as well for long. This lone ubiquitous product is frugal, completely natural and when added with water turns into the wonder cleaner in and around your house. Nevertheless, there is still a little more to [...]

New Mom Beauty Tips From Expert Polly Blitzer!

Polly Blitzer

We know it’s difficult for new moms to cut down their beauty routine without compromising a great look. That said, Polly Blitzer, beauty industry expert and new mom of twins, has put together some tips and tricks for staying beautiful while acting as a full time mom. Switch to longer-lasting treatments and you’ll save yourself [...]

4 Hair Styles For Spring & How To Achieve Them

Spring is here which means nice weather, more events and a great chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine! It also means it’s time to break out those great spring hairstyles. Below are 4 hair styles for Spring that look great with long/medium hair lengths. The Long & Bouncy Look The bouncy look gives [...]

Cool Spring Syles from Tweezerman To Help Brighten Your Look

Spring is all about rejuvenation, warmth and adding color back after the white of winter.  It’s the perfect time to start working on an updated look for the new season, and what better way than adding a POP of color to your grooming arsenal. Tweezerman, the beauty tool expert, has the perfect tools to help [...]

Finding the Positive In Life and Spreading It

woman teeth

Sure there are times when I get down or frustrated but through the years I’ve learned one big thing that makes life much happier for yourself and everyone around  you.. that thing in life is finding a positive aspect in everything. Now that being said I’m not saying that being happy makes your life perfect [...]

Rescue your receding hairline

If you start to notice that you are suffering from thinning hair, or other hair loss problems then it can be extremely worrying. It can be difficult to treat and can also be very damaging to your self confidence. Because your hair is on your head everyone will be able to see that you are [...]

Great New 2009 Fall Products from L’Oreal Paris


I’m a huge fan of L’Oreal Paris, I think I’ve only had one bad experience with a product of theirs at that was years ago.. and that was a mascara that just didn’t work for me.. since then, their product line just keeps getting better and better. With Fall soon approaching, L’Oreal keeps those great [...]

Top Secret Beauty Tips from Mom Fuse Readers!

Last week we hosted a giveaway sponsored by and one of the entry rules was for our readers to submit “top secret” beauty tips. We had a great response from everyone and it seems that we all agree that is a great one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. With that said…here are some of [...]

Osmotics “Beauty Diva” Gift Set

This article featuring the Osmotics “Beauty Diva” Gift Set was originally posted over at Miscellaneous Finds 4 U, where they will be featuring the individual products from the set throughout the week. Be sure to sign up to their newsletter for updates! Osmotics has just released an amazing new set for spring and one that would [...]

Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Lotion


Caryn from Rockin’ Mama recently had a chance to try Radiance Day Lotion, part of the new Radiance line from Burt’s Bees. “Celebrate the Earth and your natural beauty with the new Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Lotion with SPF 15. Made with the key natural ingredient of Royal Jelly, the Radiance Day Lotion nourishes skin with 17 [...]