Acetaminophen Dosage PSA


Acetaminophen is one of the most commonly taken pain killers in the world. When properly dosed, it is safe and effective, perfect for mild to moderate pain, and perfect for daily use. Because it is cheap to produce, good at its job, and non-addictive, acetaminophen ends up in lots of different pain killers: TYLENOL®, Mucinex®, […]

Mottos Flip Flops and Custom Charms Giveaway

Mottos Flip Flops

Although you wouldn’t think of flip flops as your typical holiday gift, the Mottos Flip Flops are perfect year round since they are sold as a complete box set with fun extras. In fact, the charms themselves are a fun play item for kids to collect and trade.  The Mottos Fip Flops are colorful and come in useful packaging, […]